3 Cheap & Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas | DIY Floating Frame, Memo Board, & a Picture Garland

3 Cheap & Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas | DIY Floating Frame, Memo Board, & a Picture Garland

Hey whats up you guys? My name is Emilyand in this video I’m going to to show you how to make three room decor ideas.

Lets get on with the video! The first DIY I’m going to show youhow to make is this floating frame.

What you’ll need for this DIY isa frame, scissors, a glue gun, and if your frame doesn’t havea hook you’ll need a hammer, a sawtooth hanger and nails.

You’ll also need apicture and clear tape.

You’re going to want to takeeverything out of the frame.

Now if your frame doesn’t have a hookyou want to attach a sawtooth hanger onto the back of theframe with nails and hammer.

Once you have thehanger on the frame you can take your glue gun andput glue in the corners of the frame.

Then you can put theglass into the frame.

After you get theglass into the frame you can clean the glass withwindow cleaner and a paper towel.

Now you want tocut out your picture.

After you’re donecutting out your picture you can put clear tape onthe corners of the pictures and you want the sticky side of thetape facing the same way as the picture.

The last thing you have to dois that you want to put the picture into the middle of the glassand then you’ll be all done.

The next DIY I’m going toshow you how to make is this memo board or youcan also use it as an art piece.

What you will need for this DIY is acanvas, yarn, a glue gun, and scissors.

You want to flip the canvas over.

Then you want to glue the end ofthe yarn to the back of the canvas.

Now you can flip the canvas over again and you can tightly wrap the yarn inmany different directions on the canvas.

When you’re done wrappingthe yarn on the canvas you can flip the canvas over and you can glue the end of theyarn onto the back of the canvas and then you can cut off theextra yarn you don’t need.

Then you’ll be done.

You can put anything thatyou want onto this memo board like pictures, quotes orwhatever you would like.

You can put the pictures in between the yarnor you can attach them with clothespins.

You also use this as a artpiece instead of a memo board.

The last DIY I’m going to showyou how to make is this garland.

What you’ll need forthis DIY is some pictures, scissors, twine, cardstockpaper, clothespins, and tape.

You want to get some pictures.

If you printed the pictures out you can cut aborder around the pictures like how I did.

I cut a border that was shapedlike a Polaroid around my pictures but you can make the border any shape that you want.

Now if you want youcan cut some triangles or another shape out ofany color of cardstock paper.

When you’re done cuttingthe pictures and shapes out you can lay them out to see howyou want your garland to look like.

Then you can tape theshapes to the twine and you can put the picturesonto the twine with clothespins.

You can use any color of twine.

I used pink and white twine.

When you’re done with your garlandyou can tape the garland onto the wall.

and that’s how you makethese room decor ideas! In the comments down below let meknow what you think about these DIYs and if you like this videogive this video a thumbs up and subscribe to see more DIYs.

I will see you in the next video.


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