Acrylic Horse Painting Abstract – Equestrian Art

Acrylic Horse Painting Abstract – Equestrian Art

okay awesome I've been wanting to try apainting like this for a while to do it you're gonna need a little canvas likethis it's not the typical fluid painting or flow art type painting where you justdump everything on the canvas this one we're actually going to beusing just a little bit of parchment color to make a background that's allthe brushings will be doing when I videotape the original one I was in areal creative mode and I didn't record the full process of the painting I justrecorded certain steps so what I did here was try and make another video thatmimicked the original one just so you could see what I did but it it stillshows you all the steps that I I did to go through that so I added a little bitof Floetrol and a little bit of distilled water to my paint Floetrol is a paint conditioner and you can find this at Lowe's Home Depot some Walmart'sand you can also order it on Amazon.

Com and it's really nice to use because ithelps thin your paint but again it is a paint conditioner I think it helps yourpaint lay a lot more flat to the surface and it helps on drying times and helpskeeps the paint more flexible so it doesn't crack and "craze" and all thatand I wanted to tell you I won't be adding any silicone to this paint it'sjust going to be the artist loft paint some liquitex paint and some liquitexprofessional heavy body acrylic paints and these are gloss paints they're notmatte finishes so let's go through the array of colors I know it's a lot but asyou can see it really does have a lot of colors in thereand that's what makes us stand out so for the background there's the coffeelatte in the parchment but artists loft and one this one it's by a full cart andfor the main colors we have old gold but artist loft copper by liquitexartist loft metallic bronze metallic orange cobalt blue metallic purple andthen we have our black and the red is by simply acrylic real blue by Apple Barrelbimini blue and sweet potato and light yellow by Apple Barrel and some folk artmetallic blue one thing I recommend is using a lot of bold colors ones that aregoing to really stand out so let's get started little whitejust right here and then back here but the horse is going to be out here so Idon't have to worry about too much and then a little bit of the parchment colorout the air a little bit here it doesn't have to be exact so I sped this part upbecause I mean you pretty much know how to paint a background on a canvas and soI did the coffee latte on the first background and then I came back over itwith the white because the coffee latte was way too dark so I made sure to comeback over it with some nice white and that way the horse had some really nicecontrast it's time for the paint mix I'm gonna set the hairdryer on itit'll be noisy but that's okay so now to the paint mixing Ijust want to get a couple of the paint mixes going on here so I can show youthe mix select the copper the old gold these metallics the cobalt blue I'm notgonna mix them with the Floetrol and all that I'm just gonna scoop them on incertain areas like the orange we will want to have just a little bit of Floetrol in there and get some of the orange out the reason why I'm putting the Floetrol in here which Floetrol is a paint conditioner but the reason why I'm doingthat is see how thick this paint is it's not gonna blow dry across and make those streaks unless it's runny so we're gonna want apretty good chunk of Floetrol near it's still not that runny so just thehair of distilled water we don't want a too runny but we want it perfect okay.

next colors.

got some real blue going on this black.

I'm gonna have some black in here and I'm gonna scoop off of this but I'malso gonna have some black in here this is gonna be so much fun I meanseriously that last horse was so much fun I'm like ahwhy didn't I record the whole thing sometimes I admit I get a little bitmore creative when I'm off the camera just because I'm not as nervous not thatI'm really nervous on the camera you've just you're trying to think of stuff tosay and all that so that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talkingabout these aren't the best mixing cups but Ilike them and all these paints are gloss none ofthem are matte finish they're gloss and you don't want it to crack on youbecause "crack kills" red I know I'll definitely need this is getting hot in here I'm gonnahave to open up that window it's like 24 degrees outside I don'tknow what it's maybe it's it's warmer than that no wonder okay we got a bunchof colors going already this color I can go and mix up in here this sweet potato excuse me I thought what the heck let's go aheadand do some yellow in there we're not going to use that much of theyellow book that mixes up a really nice okay all right so then I'm gonna makesure that's dry come back then we'll start the horse first I'm gonna startout just kind of eyeballing what some black just gonna make some ears here you can just kind of keep filling in andfilling in I don't want that to be too thin becauseI want this to be able to dry fast don't worry about getting too much blackon there because there's gonna be a lot of colors on top you do want to makesure you get it on the side here what there's gonna be color running overthere at you you get a little on your finger just wipe it right off as you can see the original horse that Idid looks more like a horse the one that I'm working on now looks more like adonkey or a jackass you kind of want to get this right because it's the wholelead-up to your other colors alright let's go ahead and do somecolors I'll start out with some old gold here I'll just push that on get it goinghome and really there's no rhyme or reason towhere things are just put it on now you don't want to get too crazy with acourse but.

I'm gonna do a little lie right there that's probably plenty of the goal thatI need to do a little blue blues are my favorite colors if youhaven't figured that out so what's weird is when you firststarting this it it's like oh my screwing things up work what's going onhere but you're not you're being awesomethat's what you're doing so let's see how I'm just dashing a little bit ofthis blue in here because it's kind of what I did there a little bit dashingthrough the snow one-horse open sleigh excuse me and you can kind of get someof those colors mixed a little bit if you want to I mean heck that's justgonna be awesome why not just run it that's what I dojust will run it by red in here so there will be a little streak of theneckline come on you.

maybe that I just like it is.

okay go for the metallic bronze oh I did it that way so we're gonna come back and do the mainpart right here it is it's been a lot of timeon this one maybe like two hours so amount the garage as you can tell andgoing to put on some seal coat on the horse and I will get down here and shakeup your hand first and this is rust-oleum painters touch 2Xultra cover gloss clear it seals it protects and it revitalizes oh yeah talkto me okay so I'm going to try and hold the camera like this so you can see whatgoes on oh wait wait wait first I needed to makesure the signature didn't run so I was gonna do a tack coat okay.

it looks.

appears to be okay.

come on baby don't run on me okay that appears to bealright I had some Sharpie ink earlier a few days ago and it ran and bled likecrazy okay so here we go I'm already running out of this brand you can see that or not this spring kindof likes to beat up a little bit but then it lays down flat nice and flat oh it's strong I won't be able to stay outhere for very long at all getting ready to run okay oh that's beautiful"beaut-a-muss" (beautiful) I know what you're thinking oh I could never do anything like thatyes you can you totally can't if I can you can I really just started from ahorse outline and just started painting and the hairdryer thing that was acomplete accident I was trying to dry out some of the paint and some of thispaint down hair flew back and I was like hey this looks pretty cool so you cantotally do this just start it and you will love it if you mess up big dealjust start over I had to do that on one but anyhow thanks for watching.

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