Acrylic Painting- Impasto Technique Time-lapse ll Experiment #1

Acrylic Painting- Impasto Technique Time-lapse ll Experiment #1

Hi! Welcome back to my channel.

Today you'regonna see an experimental piece.

The day I did this piece I knew what I wantedto paint which was gonna be a landscape of sorts, but I wanted to experiment andtry out something that I've never done before.

So I thought I would paint this mountain with the impasto technique but insteadof a brush or a palette knife I thought I'll use a cardboard piece or cardboard pieces of varying sizes just to see what that would result in.

It was a messy painting which I did inmy sketchbook.

I was painting and then this happened.

I went to check on thecamera and I sat at the end of my palette making everything flying.

It was a messoverall too.

So back to the painting, painting this was freeing in a way.

Ididn't really care about how perfect it looks or how perfect it should look inthe end and I just went with the flow.

I repainted the parts that I thought needed more work and I didn't expect my painting to look exactly like thepicture.

I just let loose and had fun.

I tend to forget that- the having fun part.

I start over obsessing with how perfect my work should look or if it'spost worthy and I keep beating myself up over it.

But I've learned not to care somuch about perfection or how pretty it looks or it should look and to justlearn and have fun.

When you force yourself to make something pretty orpost worthy you forget the experimenting part or the going crazy part.

I am notsaying perfection isn't important, it surely is important but you know it'salways great to experiment and learn something new by letting loose likesplash paint on the canvas, pour paint on the canvas,use your fingers instead of brush, try something newit might also help you widen new skills.

If you want prints of this painting youcan check out my RedBubble shop, I've have given the link in the description below.

Well I hope you enjoyed this messy mess of a painting and this long preachyvoiceover.

As you know I love trying out new thingsand I keep experimenting with different styles, mediums and concepts, so if youwanna watch more experimental videos like this onedo let me know in the comments below, I would love to make more.

So thank youmuch for watching this video.

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keepcreating~ and I'll see you soon.

Bye! ^^.

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