Bikini Shoot Tutorial | Part 4 | Relevance of ISO | Fashion Photography Tutorial

Bikini Shoot Tutorial | Part 4 | Relevance of ISO | Fashion Photography Tutorial

I am using a sony entry level camera with55-200 lens.

This is a very basic camera.

I am not using Canon 5D MIII or Sony A7RIIbecause people think that you can get awesome images with only high-end cameras.

But, if you know how to take a picture, youcan get a awesome image just with a entry level camera.

Most of the people will be having only a entrylevel camera and I can assure you you don't need to buy expensive camera to get a greatquality images.

In this tutorial we will talk about importanceof ISO.

So, mainly here we will be talking about differentISO levels and how it will impact he picture.

So, right now I am using ISO100, Aperturef10 and shutter speed 1/125.

So, I am clicking a picture with the currentsettings.

The picture is okay and it is little bit underexposed.

Now, i have decreased the aperture to f8 toexpose the picture little bit more.

Yeah, now it looks better.

Now, we are talking about ISO.

Whether we should the ISO in studio or not.

Personally, I never change ISO.

I always set it as ISO 100.

There is no reason that you need to set above100 because in studio we have many things to play with the light.

We have lights, we can change the intensity,we can change the aperture, but you may not be able to change the shutter speed.

That we will explain in some other tutorial.

Now, I have changed the ISO to 6400 and increasedthe aperture to f32.

It should be giving the same amount of exposure.

I am just checking it.

It is giving the same exposure, only littlebit different.

Now, what is the difference is that when youzoom into 100 percent, you can see the noise.

When you increase the ISO, noise will alsoincrease automatically.

In high-end cameras ISO can be increased upto2000 and you won't find any noise.

But, in entry level or mid-range cameras, even ISO400 can also give noise.

So, if you don't want to go into technicals,I would say never change the ISO, always set it as ISO 100 while in studio.

There is no special advantage in increasingISO and if you are a hobbyist photographer or a part time photographer or doing it forpersonal purpose, then you don't need to know the details, just know that always set ISOat 100.

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