First Friday


“Alfresco” is an oil painting by Marc Rubin. His work will be on display during April at the Artists’ Gallery in Chestertown. The Artists’ Gallery Opens with Marc Rubin in ‘Vicissitudes’ The public is invited to visit the Artists’ Gallery on First Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. for […]Read More →

Golden Paintings of Elegant Women Draw Inspiration From Artist’s Own Mixed Heritage


Vancouver-based artist Lauren Brevner creates mesmerizing mixed media portraits of women. Employing an eclectic range of mediums, her work blurs the line between cutting-edge contemporary painting and traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Opting for wooden panels instead of treated canvas , Brevner looks to the past when creating her […]Read More →

Ebru inspired fluid acrylic painting I mixed pouring medium with acrylic paints and added silicon oil just before starting on this painting I taped edges of canvas to hold large amount of white paint Pooled large amount of white on the canvas Carefully spread it evenly I decided to makeRead More →

Regards to all! In today's video I'll show you some of my favorite spring combinations. The first on my list is a pink and mint combination. The combination looks sweet and easy to carry. Especially because of mint starks and a wide mint shirt with long sleeves. In such combinationsRead More →