Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting | Traditional Art | Showcase

Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting | Traditional Art | Showcase

"Hello, I'm Bob Ross.

" "Hello, I'm Bob Ross.

" "Hello, I'm Bob Ross.

" "I'm certainly glad you could join me today.

" "It's a fantastic day here and I hope it is wherever you're at.

" "You're ready to do a fantastic little painting?" Bob Ross.

With his evergreen calmness, soothing voiceand perfectly permed hair, is TV's most popular art instructor.

He was born Robert Norman Ross in DaytonaBeach, Florida in 1942.

But it would take more than forty years beforehis career as a painter would begin.

Ross was 18 when he signed up with the USAir Force, eventually becoming a pilot.

He served more than 20 years, so it's no wonder the snowy mountains he flew over in Alaska for all those years, end up captured on somany of his canvasses.

Ross eventually quit the military, and startedtaking painting lessons from German painter Bill Alexander, host of the instructionalTV show, 'The Magic of Oil Painting'.

Ross learned the famous 'wet-on-wet' techniquefrom Alexander.

The method, used by artists including as Rembrandt and Monet, involves applying paint over another layer of paint before waiting for it to dry.

This allowed Ross to complete a painting inas little as 30 minutes.

And it was on the very first episode of ‘The Joy of Painting', that Ross shared this method with his viewers, remembering to tip his hatto his mentor.

'The Joy of Painting' was a true life changerfor Ross, and he quickly became one of the world's most influential, and most accessibleart instructor.

Using the most basic and inexpensive of tools and wielding that almighty spatula of his like a mini-sword, he showed the world thatanyone could paint.

In more than 400 shows over a decade, people around the world watched Ross create thousands of paintings.

With many of his viewers in paint-splatteredsmocks, bent over their own easels following along.

Thirteen years after his death, Bob Ross'fame is going strong thanks to the age of the internet.

His shows have garnered millions of hits aspeople continue to find joy in his teachings.

Among the many valuable lessons he taught,and wisdom he imparted one stands out more than the others: That there are such thingsas happy trees.

And that there are no mistakes in painting,"just happy little accidents".

Yesim Tural teaches students the techniquesand methods Bob Ross used to use to create his landscape artworks on his show.

Thanks for coming on our show today.

I didn't even know there was sucha thing as being a certified Ross instructor.

How did you come to do this? I met that case in 2004 when I deeply wanted to paint with this technique.

This is a specific technique andvery good fit to people who are working and who love art and painting.

It's like a philosophy, joy of painting.

Efnan: A form of relaxation.

Yesim: Exactly.

Once you get the technique andwith the help of the specific materials, technology used by the specific materials you can finish a proper painting in 20 minutes and at the end you'll be happy.

Efnan: Well, that's what Bob Ross used to do.

Yesim: Exactly.

Efnan: Doing all this and teaching students how to use Bob Ross'stechniques would you consider yourself a painter? No, I'm not a painter, I'm a professional.

I'm a country manager of Trigo Turkey which is an international group and I make thisbecause I love this and it's a philosophy and a relaxing methodology and it's a good systemto feel that you are enjoying painting and working with the colours and the nature.

Efnan: So you see it more as a hobby? Yesim: For me, yes.

I cannot say that this is not an art.

Of course this is art.

It depends on the performer because Bob Ross is an artist and behindthis painting, there is 30 years of experience, knowledge and art.

Efnan: Other than Bob Ross, where do you get your inspiration from to make these paintings? You can take a picture of the nature and try to use the same methodology as Bob did.

I did by myself and it worksbecause each country's nature and picture is different and this is mostly North Americapictures.

First you see that "Could it be?" but at the end you feel that "Yes, that could be.

" Efnan: Well I came from Canada and the landscape pictures there are absolutely amazing.

So I can't wait to see what comes out of this.

Until then I'll leave you to it.

Yesim: Alright, thank you.

Efnan: We'll get back to you.

Yesim: Especially for the people who are living in the cities they don't even recognize that they have marvelous mountains and great skies so it's really nice.

It is indeed.

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