Crayon Art Tutorial / क्रेयोन आर्ट

Crayon Art Tutorial / क्रेयोन आर्ट

hi guys welcome to my channel and todayI am going to show you a very creative and colorful DIY crayon art and for thisproject you are going to need a white canvas, crayons, hot glue gun, hairdryer,scotch tape , Dixie cup or thermocol cup, Caesar, and Elmer's glue so let's get startedand for crayons you can also unwrap them if you want to but I have decided tokeep the wrappings on.

And before you start you have to line up the crayons inorder you want them to be and then we are going to glue them on canvas.

HereI'm using hot glue gun but you can also use a fevi quick or whichever works bestfor you.

I have decided to take the printouts ofballerina and umbrella because it's easy and also looks great and you can alsodraw and paint but as the melted crayons and nothing but the wax the pencil andcolors might not work the best so let's get back to the printouts , cut theimages properly and glue them on the canvas.

Then cut a Dixie cup so that itcan cover the umbrella and put scotch tape half on the cup and stick remaininghalf on the umbrella and press it very firmly.

This activity gets a little bitmessy so you want to make sure to put some use paper to avoid the mess.

Then turn your hair dryer on hightemperature and high speed and as soon as you put the hairdryer on the crayonsthey will start melting.

It is very important that you would runthe hair dryer all the way down and this is how you will get a fun and colorfulcrayon art and I really really hope you will try this out and if you have anyquestions on how to do it please leave some questions in the commentsection below and I will definitely get back to you and if you like this videodo give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and do SUBSCRIBE to mychannel for more such videos thank you bye bye.

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