DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw Eyelashes Step by Step for Beginners

DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw Eyelashes Step by Step for Beginners

– [Narrator] Hey guys.

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to draw eyelashes forbeginners, step by step.

Because you guys told meyou have troubles with that.

And I wanted to help you out.

Of course, you can draw however you like.

This tutorial is justfor you to get started and to improve your drawings a little bit.

The first thing I noticedin some of the eye drawings you guys sent me isthat some of the strokes you used for the eyelashes look like this.

Rather straight and thick.

Even though you might drawit quickly and randomly, this way the eyelasheswon't look really natural.

And even if you added somecurves to the movement, the eyelashes can still look unnatural because they are stillway too thick and even.

If you look closely, you will notice that an eyelash is thick at the bottom and really thin and pointy at the top.

Think of it as an Eiffel Tower.

So it's kind of like a triangle.

To get the top reallythinly compared to the base, I would recommend to practicea few pencil movements.

Move your pencil loosely and quickly over the paper whiledrawing a few check marks.

Press on the pencil a littlebit when you go downwards, but lift it up again once you start moving the pencil upwards.

This way the stroke will movegradually from thick to thin.

You can practice this movementinto different directions until you get a little bitmore comfortable with that.

Be sure to not presstoo hard when you draw.

Holding the pencilloosely while you move it will result in a much smoother line.

If the top part is still a bit too thick, you can use the sharpest edge of your pencil and carefullydraw a thin line above it.

Or you can also emphasize the bottom part of the eyelash by makingit slightly thicker if the rest of the eyelash looks okay.

This curve is not only important to make the eyelashes lookmore realistic on its own, but also makes the wholeeye look more realistic.

If you go back to theleft side and imagine we would draw the eye using the eyelashes I demonstrated here, the eyelashes would lookway too straight on its own.

They would look way too straight up or way too straight down.

If you want to draw realistically, this might be a problem because we all have eyelashes to protect our eyes from dust and other things by growing out in theshape similar to a roof.

So this is important to keep in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to draw eyelashes in different anglesbecause the eyelid itself is wrapped around the eye, that is curved.

As you practice in the beginning, you can now practice afew more eyelash movements into different directionsusing the same techniques as I showed you in the beginning.

But this time, let's focus on creating different types of eyelashes.

Since they don't justgrow in a curved motion, but also into different directions, they can also overlap each other.

Or you can also group them together to create a rather triangle shape.

To make everything look more realistic, you can also play aroundwith different lengths.

You can create shortlashes that are rather thin and medium to long lashes to make the eye and the eyelashes lookmore natural and realistic.

Now before we start drawing the actual eye with the eyelashes, let's lookat the shape of the eye first to make sure you get the right angle.

Just drawing the eyelashes following the curve of the eye like that, plus crossing and grouping them will make the eyelashes look realistic.

Here it's important to keep in mind where you add the eyelashes.

When you draw theeyelashes above the iris, they look more straightup and facing towards you.

And when you add them to the sides, they face more and more to the sides.

So either to the left or to the right.

Keep this curve also in mind when you draw the eyes from the side and when they are closed.

And now we can finally moveon to the actual drawing.

Before you start drawingall the eyelashes, you can plan out where you're going to add which eyelash so you don't forget.

Keep the curve of the eye in mind so you know towards whichside the eyelashes are facing.

Also lashes are usuallyshorter in the inner corners than on the outer sidesand the lower eyelashes are usually shorter andthinner than the upper lashes.

Now you can go ahead and add a few lashes starting at one side and gradually moving to the other side while making sure to add them lightlyand in a curving motion as you practiced in the beginning.

Again, you can cross some of the lashes, group them together, create shorter and longer lashes from time to time, it's really up to you.

But if you draw eyelashesthat have the same length, they can look a littlebit more artificial.

Doesn't have to look perfect, you can always practice and getbetter and better each time.

This is just the general ideahow you can draw eyelashes to make them look alittle bit more realistic.

You can also look at reference pictures to see how many eyelashes people have.

If you want to keep it more natural, you don't have to draw a ton of lashes.

If you want the personto have thick eyelashes as if this person would wear mascara, you can go ahead and createa lot more eyelashes, add shadows, and darkerlines at the bottom of the eyelashes to makeeverything look more glamorous.

Lashes also create shadows,so you can also add a few shadows behind theeyelashes and below them.

Some of them are alsoreflecting in the eye.

Again, this is rather just a sketch to show you guys the general idea.

If you want to make itlook super realistic, I would recommend to lookat a reference picture and really take time todraw everything properly.

There are plenty of other tutorials that can help you createeven more realistic drawings.

But don't forget, youcan draw however you like if it's your own personal style.

Just enjoy creating art and have fun.

I really hope it was helpful to you guys.

Be sure to give this videoa thumbs up if it was.

And if you want to learnhow to draw the actual eye and make both eyes look the same.

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Thank you so much for watchingguys, have a wonderful day and I will see you soon.


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