Draw your dreams on water with Ebru art: Rasha Morgan at TEDxPortTawfik

Draw your dreams on water with Ebru art: Rasha Morgan at TEDxPortTawfik

Translator: Nouran HeshamReviewer: Maverick Alzate The art of drawing on water is called Ebru art.

Ebru art was widespread in many countries before.

But it was not present in Egypt at all.

Historians have disagreed about the origin of this art.

Some people say it originated in Japan.

Others say it originated in China.

But most of historians agreed on that its origin was in Turkey.

Samarkand in Turkestan was the first country where it originated.

All the tools and ores used in Ebru are natural tools and ores.

For example, the brush’s hair is made of the horse’s hair.

Paper is 100% in cotton but it’s paper not canvas.

And other things as colors, for example, is made from natural oxides.

This art depends completelyon natural tools and ores.

A famous artist called “Hikmat Barodji”is the pioneer of Ebru now in Turkey.

That artist always talks about the Ebru art.

He has devoted his life to spreadthe art of Ebru in all countries.

He says that the most important featureof this art is that it looks like magic.

The artist doesn’t interfere at all; only spreads the colors on water.

Then with simple movements, Flowers start to spread on the water and forms gradually appear This art is fundamentally based on that.

Every individual should try this arton his own to discover its easiness.

There’s no difficulty in making a painting at all.

Most of the children who learned this arthad their personality seriously changed.

And gained positive qualities after practicing this art.


Source: Youtube

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