Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial,Coniferous tree

Watercolor Tree Painting Easy Tutorial,Coniferous tree


Firstly, I’ll set the center line to draw a vertically long isosceles.

If you make the bottom as an ellipse, it will be a cone-shape.

If the light coming from the upper left side, the right side is darker and also the left side is gradually becoming light.

Due to this shaddock, you can see that the cone-shape is three-dimensional.

All right, according to this method, we’ll move on to a further step.

That is the idea that you capture the shape of the leaf as one big block of ellipse.

The bottom part is dark, what do you think? You can see the block of leaf as popping up in the front and three-dimensional.

Both cone-shaped and ellipse, let’s keep in mind to use these.

Once you prepared some water, let’s make colors.

I’ll draw the center line with Permanent Green #1 and #2, like this.

Thinking about an image of isosceles triangles and make colors.

A Fire-tree is coniferous tree so they need to be colored by dark.

Starting with outlines with the colors of Green and Red as supporting color.

They have many thin leaves on the front edges.

This is the starting point of cone-shaped.

Coming to down.

Gradually, using brush strokes which have momentum and spring up, like this.

Drawing the lines of coniferous tree’s leaves with having momentum by using a thick brush.

Please use one stroke of blush to spring up.

Then I make my brush’s edge split out to draw the details of front edge leaves.

This is a feature of coniferous tree.

Looks like to feel little thorn.

Next, mixing Green #1 and Yellow to draw the ellipse part.

They get bigger, more and more they come to down, like this.

This painting ellipse is the popping out leaves parts to the front.

Then I’ll put some dark tone colors around ellipses and their bottom by mixing little darker color and its supporting color.

This is how you make differences between tops and bottoms.

Again, I’ll spread out the edge of brush to draw the side leaves with having momentum of brush strokes.

Don’t try to draw what they look exactly, but you need to aware of this triangle shape to keep the outfit.

The feature of Fir tree would be decided, how much you can be roughly and having momentum of your brush strokes.

This is the way of expression that drawing the side leaves with leaving the Green ellipses.

Keeping in mind the big triangle and having momentum brush strokes.

This is the idea that leaving Green ellipses and making a cone-shaped.

Then we come to use Viridian, dark and cold color.

Adding Prussian Blue and Crimson Lake to make dark and cold Green.

This is a color for shadow of leaves.

I set the situation as the light coming from the left upper side, so naturally the right side and the bottom of light leaves would be shadow.

This is an important point.

Like this part.

You’re doing perfect if they look popping up in the front.

Let’s spread the edge of brush to draw the feature of coniferous tree.

This part is in shade for cone-shaped, so painting blocks of shadow leaves by using Viridian and Prussian Blue mixed.

Expressing the line of cone-shaped.

Using the edge of spread brush to draw more details feature of front edge leaves.

And I’ll paint to make differences between the front ellipse part and shadowed leaves.

Thinking of a huge cone-shaped, and draw front ellipse’s leaves, right leaves and left leaves differently to emphasize the total image of this Fir-tree.

What do you think? It’s getting more three-dimensional, don’t’ you think? Such as these parts.

If you paint this Green ellipse bottom very dark, it looks popping up to the front.

Then I’ll make a color for the trunk of this tree, which is Ultramarine and Burnt Umber.

You might not be able to see the trunk or branches that much, but I’ll paint to show them from some parts in shadow, like this.

How does it look? Looks more likely to be a Fir-tree? The shadow part use dark and cold tone without hesitation.

I’ll try to draw giving audience reality of the tree.

Shadow parts have very important roles so let’s paint boldly.

With a dynamic brush strokes, I’ll express the feature of leaves’ edges which look tingle on your finger.

So now it looks like a Fire-tree, basically.

What do you think? Then I’ll paint an outline of ground to make this tree standing on it.

Does it look more real? This part you can paint freely as wet-in-wet and enjoy adding colors, like this way.

I painted one tree but looks little boring so might be better to paint one or two more.

Ok, I’ll draw one more Fire-tree which is standing in distance around here.

It’s in the distance, so you don’t need to think about the popping-up ellipse shapes.

It’s enough to draw the outline of a Fire-tree using sharp brush strokes and springing up for left and right.

I drew front Fire-tree with imaging ellipse shape to look likely to be three-dimensional, but on the other side, a distant tree is only drawn by outline of isosceles triangles.

Ok, I’ll add another one in the middle.

This middle one will be drawn by the combination of expression both the distant tree, and the front one moderately.

So, you might can see this as the middle Fire-tree, huge silhouette and at the same time as three-dimensional.

Adding like this way, you feel like you are in a forest? This is very simple way but you can express a thick bunch of Fir-trees forest, by awarding the distance over and over when you paint.

Your wide brush work and sharp brush strokes are important, you remember? You can use your nail to scratch for expressing the edge of leaves.

Ok, we finished.

This time we tried to draw Fire-trees.

The point is ellipses and cone-shapes.

Thinking this in your mind and draw with sharp strokes of thick brush.

You’re welcome to try it out.

Until next time, happy painting!.

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