Face tutorial: How to draw a face

Face tutorial: How to draw a face

Lesson: How to draw a woman's face Hello! I'll show you a few ways how to draw a face.

The first way.

Three equal parts.

Draw an oval in the shape of an egg.

We divide the oval into 3.

5 equal parts by horizontal lines, as shown in the figure.

The upper line is the line of hair growth.

The middle line is the eyebrow line, the bottom line is the nose tip line.

We divide the oval in half by a vertical line.

We mark five equal vertical lines.

The distance between the lines is the width of the eye.

Schematically draw eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth.

The corners of the mouth are under the middle of the eye.

The lower lip lies on the segment number 3 We add details.

Mark the cheekbones.

They start just above the middle of the ear.

Add shadows, hide the construction lines.

The second way.

Use the width of the eye.

Draw an oval in the shape of an egg.

We divide the oval into 4 equal parts by vertical and horizontal lines.

As in the first method, we mark five equal vertical lines.

The distance between the lines is the width of the eye.

In segments 2 and 4, draw the eye.

At a distance of 1.

5 eyes, the tip of the nose will be located.

The ear is equal to the distance from the tip of the nose to the upper eyelid.

We mark the lower border of the lips at a distance equal to the width of the eye, measuring it from the tip of the nose.

The height of the lips is approximately equal to half the length.

We add eyelashes, hair and details, falling shadows.

Display your drawing horizontally.

So you can see distorted parts of the face and unevenness.

Do not miss this step! It is very important that the face that you drew is beautiful and harmonious.

I do not recommend that you speed up your work by simply copying one of the facial parts until you get enough experience.

Try to correct errors yourself.

The third way.

The fastest and easiest.

Draw an oval and divide it into 4 equal parts.

Divide the resulting horizontal segments in half.

Above these points will be located centers of eyeballs.

Then divide the lower half of the vertical into 5 equal parts.

Mark the nose on line # 2.

Line of lips will lie on the line number 3.

Draw on the points obtained eyes, nose and lips.

Mark the ears between the line of the nose and the upper eyelid.

Display your drawing.

Check it for symmetry and distortion.

Draw eyebrows, eyelashes, lips.

Your drawing is almost ready! Add hair and falling shadows.

Let's check if we painted the face correctly according to the rule of an equilateral triangle.

Using the triangle, you can determine the relative position of the eyes and mouth.

You can also check our drawing with your eye.

The width of the face is approximately 5 eyes.

The lines of the chin and cheeks can also be identified and checked with the help of the eye.

If you draw a woman's face, then the lines should be smooth.

Do not paint a clear bridge of the nose, this will make the face more coarse and manly.

Profile We begin to draw a profile from a circle and a plane perpendicular to it.

We draw the face by the principle of dividing the face into 3.

5 parts.

We mark the line of eyebrows, nose and hair growth.

We plan the nose and lips behind the perpendicular line.

We draw a perpendicular line from the tip of the lips.

We connect the point of the superciliary arches and the bottom point of the ear.

The resulting triangle delineates the boundaries of the eye.

We add details.

Eyebrows, hair, shadows.

On one of the examples I will show how to change the template for a man's face.

If you draw a man, then the faces of the face should be sharp and sharp.

Lips should not be very large, narrow.

Cheeks, superciliary arches large and prominent.

The nose and nose should be contoured.

Eyes are more deeply planted, the nose is larger than the female one.

Male profile.

Similarly, we distinguish large superciliary arches, nose, chin and jaw.

Lips should be thinner than females.

Eyebrows are thicker.

I hope my lesson was useful to you! Thank you for attention!.

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