Fashion and Nude Photography Tutorial – Course Introduction by Ryan

Fashion and Nude Photography Tutorial – Course Introduction by Ryan

Hello Everyone.

This is Ryan.

I am a Photographer specialised in Fashionand Nude.

This is the first video tutorial of fashionand nude photography course which is conducted on our website.

Many People have already joined the coursein the website.

For them the course contents are chapters,e-books, descriptive photo galleries and lookbook videos for inspiration.

Even though course structure is complete inour website, we decided to add some video tutorials to give you an idea how fashionand nude shoots are done.

So, in this tutorial, we will give you a fulllength tutorial starting from finding inspiration and ending with post production.

Finding Inspiration means getting an ideahow the shoots will look like once the shoot is done.

It means that researching about the shooteven before you start doing it.

Once you have found the inspiration, you needto choose the clothes and styling.

Accessories model wearing, the garment modelwearing and everything else.

Even for nude shoots there are requirementsof garments.

Third part will be of makeup.

Makeup is essential for any kind of shootif there is a model.

So, we will see how the makeup is done, whatphotographer needs to understand about Makeup.

It is not like Makeup is the job of only theMakeup Artist.

Photographer also has the responsibility ingetting proper makeup done.

After Makeup, it is lighting.

You need to set lights, before model standsin front of the backdrop.

You can set lights as you want according toyour requirement.

We will cover that how that how the differentlighting setups and different positions of lights and all.

In shooting, we will show how the shoots areactually done.

There are different ways you can do the shootand we will show each way in different tutorials.

There will be end number of tutorials andwe will use different techniques in each kind of tutorial.

After the shooting aspect, we will cover postproduction.

Post production means editing the pictures.

It is not necessary that you need to editthe pictures.

Sometimes if you are working for a client,it is very much essential that you edit the pictures.

And even for adjusting colour correction andwhite balance editing is very much essential.

We will cover that also in the tutorial.

You have an idea about the course.

So, if you are interested, you can join thecourse by clicking the link at the end of the video.

As part of the course we will be uploadingvideos in YouTube and in our website.

The YouTube videos will be censored to avoidattracting wrong kind of audience and uncensored full version will be available in our websiteonly for photography students who are enrolled in our photography course.

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