Fluid Art Pour with Gallium Metal & Acrylic Paint

Fluid Art Pour with Gallium Metal & Acrylic Paint

haha hi everybody today we're gonna betalking about gallium do you even know what gallium is gallium is an elementand you can hold it in your hand it's a metal you can hold it in your hand andit will melt right in your hand kind of like Peggy's heart melted for me whenshe first saw me haha Oh anyways I'm wearing these glasses because earlier Iwas playing around with this and it had melted on the counter so I tried toscrape it off and when I did it flicked it and almost flicked some in my eye soif you are to try playing around with this gallium at home on on some canvasesand whatever wear some glasses that prefer preferably safety goggles withthe sides on there too but I can't find any safety goggles in our garage so I'mgonna be really careful and as you can see here this is kind of how it melts sobut what I'm gonna do is go put it in some hot water and speed things up solet's go check it out alright so here we go into the kitchen and I've already gotone right here and this little metal cup and this is where I spilled some andthen I tried to scrape it off and it flicked back at me so you can see someof this is still liquid because it's still kind of warm so this is some hotwater I'm just gonna dip it in there (talking funny) "alright Bobby that should be good" Idon't know why I keep talking like Hank Oh cuz I look like him – alright that'shot oh okay see it's really melted therealright let's take it into the office of here mm-hmm I don't know why I keepwanting to call this barium its gallium "Bury 'Em" we're not talking about yourexes (ex Spouses) people we're not going to bury 'em that's another episode okay so let'scheck it out so I'm gonna pop the lid on this carefully and I'm going to do thisnumber okay there it is (pouring sounds) okay there it is.

so now.

whoa okay that looks really, OH!!okay that didn't work out so good.

darn it, okay that didn't work.

"well crap.

" (Hank Voice)let's try something else "I gotta get this to work a Bobby, Bobby it's your fault dang it.

" (Hank Voice) okay let's get this going on here Bobby all rightthe problem is Bobby we didn't let that cool before we went to uh working on itlet me grab a popsicle stick here up on my new a little counter Oh Bobbyoh here we go don't want that to cool down on therewow that's really cool but will it stick that's the question it is so cool-looking when it's meltedlike that it looked it it looks just like the Terminator 2 movie that'swhat it reminds me of well you can work with it for a while that's for sure come on yeah whoa flicking it off thereit has some weird stuff going on they're really hard to work with so I was notanticipating that I was anticipating it to hit this here and look like that butthe canvas did not soak it up like that cardboard did so I'm gonna let this dry and see ifit's going to stick on there all right I got out the hairdryer so let's cool itoff slightly hmm don't blow off their people I mean it's already starting toblow around so it said online that this stuff's safe to work with it's like yeahright okay let's get this thing of drawing from a distance No okay so it's still wet on here andit's taking forever to cool down but I just totally dig these patterns you canmake with this stuff if you're not even doing fluid art it's just fun to playaround with I'm gonna let this dry though and then I'm going to try to do apour with it somehow and and just see what happens I have noidea what's gonna happen stay tuned okay so I had to put thisthing in the freezer because apparently when you melt it it has a really hardtime drying look at that it's been in there for probably sevenminutes and it still you can tell it's still moving around there so I'm gonnaput it back in oh this is gonna be fun now okay I'll keep you updated okay allright so this final it though Bobby I think it finally dried that's awesomehaha okay so it is dry it's still cold I don't want to hit any of these thingsover here because they'll go flying off so I was gonna make some some black cuzthere's the black silver and a little red so let's get to mixing that then Ithought about some white too so I'm gonna go a little floater all here just if you can see that that might be toomuch but little glue the reason I use the glue I know that sounds weird tosome it acts as a binder to the paint and it really helps the flow ofeverything I wonder if I should do the other one to the other color sure goahead so I don't have any real stringentrecipe that I go by let's kind of put it in there throw some paint in if I need alittle more something I add a little bit more if it's too thick I thin it downwith a little floater all or even a dash of water or whatever that's right just adash here and a dash there and that makes it really scientific just likewe're using elements today Bobby what's an element it's the element of surprisedad Thank You Bobby I didn't even sound like Bobby soundedlike Bobby with a sore throat one's got a budget give on it so I try not to put in too much paint Itry an eyeball mm-hmm enough paint to where it looks like it will mix and havegood opacity opaqueness so I'm not sure on how I'm gonna do this you guys needto help me here when you're at home watching need to go no or yes I wasthinking about poring over all of it and then I was also thinking about not doingthat and pouring I'm having some back problems tonight that's why I haven'tmade so many videos lately um so I was thinking of pouring it gently aroundhere and I'm almost thinking gently is the way to go oh and I forgot to explainthere's the glue and the float roll the float roll is a paint conditioner andyou don't have to use the float roll because I know a lot of you comment thatwell we don't we can't get flow trawl here in our country and that's just theweirdest thing but you don't have to use float roll to get the cells that youwant you can use glue and back then I used to use a lot of glue and there'salways big discussions over glue and PVA P v as in Victor and the PVA is more ofa high quality product for doing high quality paintings I'm just teaching youhow to do craft style paintings and I'm I try to come up with new ideas so youguys can kind of go off on your own and do your own thing so I think I will tryand pour gently so let's get my silicone in here sothrough three drops one two three one two three one two three and that's itthat is it that's all you need to get the cells you want if you start goingmore than that it's going to break down and that will look not so good so justbarely stir it all right so I'm gonna put the black up against I'm gonna putthe black up against the the chrome looking stuff here the gallium whateverI seriously don't have any clue what I'm doingbecause this is a first of course and mm-hmm you all at home are going likewhat is he doing he has lost his mind he's lost his blood in mine okay I'm gonna do a little red in there whoa okay well if you want someone therego yeah yeah oh it's starting to come off see that so I don't know how thoseare gonna work whoa hey now getting jiggy with itsorry that was an old 90s term yes of course I'm not the white out hereto you okay so let's get some of that in there get some red in there it's kind ofcool so it's kind of burying it anyways oh that looks really cool I'm just gonna do this because I knowI'm gonna need it out there just throw it on there people just throw it onthere I probably should have got some glovesuh-oh see it's starting to fall off now I wasn't really gonna do this I'm gonnathrow some more red down here and some black come on now there we go okay Ithink that's good for that I wasn't planning on gettingthis dirty but that's okay that's worth it okay so I want to take a couple oflittle popsicle sticks here and just go hit those edges real quick make sure youget all your edges going on oh come here I can use a white – mm-hmmI don't want to use too much white though cuz it might look funny just atad you want to just barely touch it justlike that just like that a little tree in there get yourself a little treeright in there a little more over here oh boy there's alot over here sometimes you can't tell sometimes you can't tell so now let's hit it with the heat gun orembossing tool as its called and this will just raise up some ofthose cells hold on one second that means that needs to kind of be wiped outthere oh cool it's kind of running down from the Galleon get it out of there in a bit so basically the heat gun or embossingtool is not to dry it it's just to bring up some of the cells a lot of peoplethink oh he's drying it no it's it's not for that I'm almost wondering if Ishouldn't swipe over here just the hair just a little bit so you get a littlecells in there but I don't want to hmm I'm gonna leave it because I don't wantit to blend in it's already starting to blend in there the more you move itaround the more it all blends together so I think it's cool like it isI wonder what's going to do is take this rag and just top those off just a hair Idon't want to I don't want to blend in the colors you're probably thinking how did I comeup with this idea I was just trying to think of something really outside thebox and I was like don't they have like different metals and things that youknow melt and all kinds of stuff like that okay that one is definitely not onthere good so what we'll have to dry all with the pain everything I don't want to bring up more painttrying to get rid of the paint not bring it up oh you know what I needed isq-tips you were probably thinking that I know I know I can read your minds it'shard to hold my upper body like that with the old back problems okay so I'mgonna leave it alone and I'm gonna go grab a few q-tips and just kind of cleanit up a little bit and then let it dry and I think that's gonna look prettycool it looks like veins all through thereall right so this is without me getting the q-tips I'm still in the room withoutthe q-tips so if you can see here some of these design patterns in there soit's really three-dimensional let me get down here and show you even more if Ican hold the camera steady so you can see it sticking up there let's hope itdries alright regardless of what happens this was really fun and it has sparkedsome new ideas in my little brain alright so I took the q-tips and I wentaround it's really glossy right now I went around and I scrubbed the top ofthose very very carefully and you can see the vein of metallic there stickingway up well that light's really brightand you can see it comes all the way down there let me try and get itoverhead of it so it basically I like to say basically it has a vane throughthere and man how cool would that be if it was gold tooif you did ones and like gold and stuff but this is gonna turn out cool I'mgonna let this dry and I'm gonna let it dry for a long time and then come in andcoat it really good with a lot a lot of coats of gloss and and just plaster thatsucker down so we are back in the studio here and weare gonna clean this off and we're gonna coat it with some liquid Texprofessional professional grade gloss varnish and that's really gonna bringout those colors because a lot of people ask me Oh No why is my painting so dulllooking it doesn't look like it does when it's wet that's because the glossypaint dried and it doesn't have this coating on top of it so when you coat itit really brings out those colors again and everything so first we're gonnaclean it with some isopropyl alcohol and this is the 91% instead of the 83 Ithink so I'm just gonna dab a little on there not a tongue close that back andwe're gonna just lightly ever so lightly clean clean it without dragging off thethe metal pieces and again this is just for experimentation I would be reallycareful trying the metal if you do order gallium from China that will take a longtime to get to your house it took over two weeks for mine to get there it's notvery much money but again you know if this were to get warm in any way insideyour house it would obviously melt off the canvas this is just for fun I'vealways wanted to see what metal would look like on it um you could get reallycreative if you know somebody that actually makes metal and stuff like thatI mean heck you could put gold on it and make sure this is dry so the whenyou put the alcohol on it it makes it kind of sticky so just be aware of thatso now we're going to go ahead and do the gloss on it and I'm just gonna startwith a couple drops you don't need very much especially oh I forgot something Iforgot to tell you about something that I did that I didn't show on camerabecause I like to show everything I do on camera I mean not everything but so Iwent around with a razor blade and I just lightly ever so lightlyscraped the paint on the sides that got on the sides of this and there were justlittle tiny chunks on there it looks like there's still a little bit on thereshould have got those off before I started this clear coat but there's justlittle tiny pieces of paint that we're up there and I went around the littletiny pieces of metal there too and got those so it shines because if it'sburied with paint it's not going to shine nobody's going to see it so let'sget these corners first and again you don't need a lot of this clear coat onthe start because I'm gonna do three coats of it so you don't want to just put it on realglobby and this is archived quality clearcoat just so you know you can thisonce it goes on here it's really like I call it bulletproof stuff because it'sso strong it's like man that stuff is on there yeah let's get that down therewithout touching it and then just go ahead and put a few drops on there don'tput too much on you just want a few drops here and there and then justreally get the brush in it fast because it starts to set up really fast so justget it on there and then come back and and what's called laying it out that'swhen you lay it out what just flips them on me I'm a blanky here you want to justmake sure you get it in every little crevice there and see how I just lay itout like that real smooth and then that's pretty much it so this stuff sayson the bottle do not keep doing this coming over it so but I do want to getin there in the little crevices and and kind of soak up some of that so youdon't want it super heavy but I do want it heavy enough to where it's going tohold it there on the canvas but again it does say don't don't keep brushing itout or it will actually leave white streaks on it and make it look kind offill me in there and so you don't want that all right so we're gonna let thatdry and it recommends that this dries for three hours before you put onanother coat so in three hours we're gonna put on another coat and thenanother coat because I want this one really glossy more so it kind of goes on differentlyso you don't have to put as much on the second and third time and it keepsgetting like that the more you put on you can put as many coats of this on asyou want whatever your desired glossiness is gofor it just do it just do it you know you know what I'm saying but again youdon't want to glob this stuff on because I've done that before that doesn't workout that great just like I did right thereI meant I always contradict myself you know that I say something and then I dothe opposite so get that other coat on there spread that out and hold it uplike that so I'm just going to put it to the sidesof this thing so I don't get too much stacked up in the middle there one thing you want to do with this is istry and at least cover everything try and get a coat oneverything if you don't don't worry about it you can you can come back anddo another coat but you know you got to wait three hours between so so I don'twant to keep brushing it out and I'm gonna let that and just get my brushkind of empty over here and then kind of just come in here and dab that out alittle bit you guys are seriously I can I can just tell from here your brainsare going ah man I know a friend that does metal and I know what you'rethinking I know what you're thinking or you're like I wonder if a soldering ironwould make that and stick better it might I don't have a soldering ironso you guys might be able to try that okay so I'm gonna let that dry I'm gonnacome back and then show you the finished final awesomeness okay so this is the third and final coatso let's get our so just gloss that on there and I can tell I'm putting on lessbut it's going on thicker and then stick it right back down there just a littlemore there whoops that metal stuff it gets everywhere and like I said becareful where I protection if you're working with metal because there'slittle tiny shards and they will shoot right back up in your eye I had thatalmost happen to me it it was right under it was like right on my eyelid so and again this this is supposed to drythree hours in between coats I put just a hair more there get that nice andglossy just a hair more there I just want thissucker to be nice get this out a little bit I don't want it to dry up with afilm you look inside of there so there's what it looks like up close the lightsare really bright in here so it's hard to hard to see it really you can kind oftilt it so here it is all dry and I really loveit I think you guys are gonna love doing a project like this and I really hopeyou get to try one out this was so cool I love some of the cells over here inthe design I love the metal design hopefully it won't get too hot and justmelt right off the wall okay hope you had fun and don't forget to subscribe Ikind of changed around my studio a little bit I took all the waves out fromback there and I got me some of these speakers to some Polk Audio speakersthey are amazing that I got my wolf up there got the horse over there but thetwo horses up above there I took that Christmas Day in 2015 just right aroundthe corner in our neighborhood here.

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