For All You Art History Buffs,

For All You Art History Buffs,

– My name is George Peasley, and today I paintedVincent Van Gogh's room.

I think the thing that stood out the most was the green color on his floor.

You kind of don't notice it at first, it's reflective light from his walls, and from the window.

It just goes to show how amazing he was as a painter, picking up onthose little subtle nuances and turning it into– – [Man] (whisper) A masterpiece.

– [George] I think the coolestpart about this painting is the architectural application of VR.

I literally just whipped up three walls and a floor and it felt like I was able to create my own environment.

I was in a different place.

It felt very small.

I think that in itself is amazing.

If you look at the original painting his perspective is a little wonky.

But, you know, that's partof the charm and his style.

Although I did use thegrid to get flat planes, I did not use anythingfor any of the furniture.

That's all freehand, kindalike the way he painted it.

I kinda wanted to emulate that charm.

I feel like if people wanted to map out what they want their room to look like, they can do this and they can interact with the objects that they draw.

I think for me that was the coolest thing.

Standing next to a bed that I just drew, sitting on a chair that I drew.

The initial thing that blew my mind was actually being in the room and interacting with the objects that you just draw.

There's a couple bottles.

There's a cup, and whatseems to be a brush.

It's very minimalistic (laughs) in that it has the bare essentials.

It looks like he actuallydid separate work from his private life, cause I don't see any of his studio equipment in there.

The architectural applicationsfor VR is just like, this is just the tip of the ice berg.

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