How to paint the beach – Step by Step – Beginner Painting tutorial│♥Alexandra ♥

How to paint the beach – Step by Step – Beginner Painting tutorial│♥Alexandra ♥

Hey guys, I hope you are all having an amazingday today, and in this video I will show you how to paint the beach.

Before I get into the video I wanted to tellyou that even though I will be using oil paints for this tutorial, in this particular instancethe only difference between oil paint and acrylic paint is the drying time which I fixedby adding some fast drying medium so, feel free to paint this with whatever medium youfeel comfortable with.

I started off by adding some masking tapeto create a rectangular frame to contain my painting.

Then I started priming my page using gesso,so that the paint has something to bind to and it doesn't seep through the page.

The colours I will be using are the following:Titanium White, Lemon Yellow,Yellow Ochre, Phthalo Blue,Cobalt Blue Hue, Viridian Hueand Burnt Umber.

I first took some of my fast drying mediumand I started mixing the cobalt blue with some titanium white and I am trying to a createa quantity of the colour because this will be my base which I will cover my page with.

Then, I started painting with the colour Ijust created from the top of the page going downwards in a horizontal motion.

Then, I took some titanium white to add tothe gradient that we are creating.

So, as we move downwards it will get lighter.

Then I picked up some yellow ochre and I mixedit with the titanium white so that my gradient will go from blue to white and then to yellowochre.

And then I started painting in horizontalmotions mixing everything together.

Now, I took some more yellow ochre and I mixit with white to increase the opacity of the sand that we will be painting at the bottomof the page.

Then, I took a large clean brush to blendthe colours together evenly.

Now, that my background is completely dry,I will start painting the water.

For the water, I picked up some phthalo blueand I mixed it with some viridian hue.

I took my flat headed brush and I starteddrawing a horizontal line of the water which will be my horizon.

Then I added some white into the paint mixtureto continue painting the water.

Now, I went back with the dark colour I justmixed to re-define the horizon.

Then, I continue with the lighter colour ofthe water and I move downwards.

Now I added more white into the paint mixtureto move downwards as we are creating another gradient effect for the water.

Then, I am adding more white into the paintmixture and again, I am adding more white for our water gradient.

And now I am mixing a tiny bit of yellow ochrefor the sand.

And finally I am blending everything out assmoothly as I can.

I took some of my white colour and mixed itinto the yellow colour we used for the sand because now we will define the shape of thebeach.

And I am applying more of that colour on theright hand side as well.

And then, I took my fluffy brush to blendit out very smoothly.

I took some of the light blue colour I hadin my palette and then I took some white and mixed both of them really well to come upwith a light blue colour to paint the little waves on the surface of the water.

I am doing that using my flat headed brushand I am drawing really small horizontal lines on the water.

Now I took some viridian hue to start paintingthe large wave in the middle, I added some lemon yellow in the mixture and then a littlebit of titanium white.

And then I started painting the large wavein the area that we left blank in the middle.

I added some more white into the mixture tolighten the colour and then I continued tapping my brush on the paper.

Now using the same colour, I am drawing thosecurvy vertical lines the blend the colour with the rest of the water.

And by doing that we start seeing the waveforming.

Now I took some of the darker colour I createdearlier for the horizon and I started by painting the base of the wave using the same brushstrokes.

And now I am blending the water and the wavestogether.

And I went on top to re-paint the base ofthe wave as well.

And now, using the same colour I am paintingthe shadow of the wave on top.

Now I took my darker colour and I am re-paintingthe water on top.

I keep using the darker value for the bottomof the wave as well.

Now, I took a fluffy brush to blend the bottomof our wave with the water.

And then using the same brush I try to expandthe wave using vertical motions.

Now, I took some of the lighter colour topaint the small waves on the water again and I am doing that by tapping the tip of my brushon the paper.

Using the same brush I started adding somehighlights to the bigger wave.

Now I took some of my titanium white on mydetail brush and I started tapping on top of my wave to paint the foam.

Now, I took my detail brush and a darker toneand I started painting the shadow of the wave.

For this part dipped a q-tip into the titaniumwhite and I started tapping on the foam of the wave.

Then I took my detail brush using the samecolour I started drawing the water that follows the wave going upwards.

Then, I drag those lines on the rest of thewater doing a zig zag pattern.

Now, I am starting to paint the foam on theedge of the water as well.

And again I took my q-tip and I started tappingthe paint on the paper.

Now I am adding some burnt umber into my yellowochre mixture to paint the shadow of the water on the beach.

And then I took some titanium white to paintthe sparkles on the wet sand.

And then I took my detail brush to blend theshadows of the big wave with the water.

Now I continue painting the waves using aq-tip and the white paint.

And then I switched to my detail brush toadd those little dots that represent the water splash from the foamy wave.

And finally I took some of my darker colourto add in between the light waves as shadows.

And finally, I gently remove the masking tape.

So this is the finished painting, I hope youguys enjoyed this video and found it helpful, in the description I have links to all theproducts I am using if you guys are interested.

I also have prints of my work available onmy website if you would like to have a look.

Thank you guys so much for watching and Iwill see you in my next video.

Bye x.

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