How to paint with Acrylic on Canvas Ever After Castle

How to paint with Acrylic on Canvas Ever After Castle

It's about Hey everybody it's live in courier Sherpa and today.

I'm so excited to be sharing with you.

How you can paint this fantastic castle fantasy scene Cinderella inspired Unlike today as my husband John.

Hey guys He's gonna be tracking me with our cameras and making sure you guys see all the actions you can make this painting for yourself at home, I'm Ready to get painting so let's jump on into the materials and Wishes and then as we're going we'll be catching up with you guys who showed up for our live streaming art class As we're going alright, so I have an 11 by 14 canvas board here, and we real quick grab some wishes We've got a wish for our own Kim's ear to have some healing and restoration We're having to wish for Eve to find awesome employment a job Autumn is needing some healing from surgery Purplefrog is wishing for an appeal to work out so like everything at work gets easy and Daphne is wishing for little brush Zoey To have some healing support and strength while she's going through treatment So we're definitely wishing that like right on her feet again Okay, let's look at the paint colors.

You guys ready.

Yep, okay, so over here.

We have Diox purple phthalo blue Prussian blue huephthalo green quinacridone magenta yellow Ochre and titanium white I have assorted craft sponges that are all different kinds of little textures.

I've got a sponge If you don't have one of these you can actually maybe try my crumpled up plastic cling wrap method where you make a little ball of cling wrap and That's some interesting tree like textures as well these have been pre-moistened I'm just like ready to like get on in there moisturize their moisture remember moisturize chicken I do The early days of marriage, I'm gonna use my plate to trick This is a little dessert plate, and then I've got a little lid here.

I'm gonna check with the size I think my plates bigger, so I'm going to go with that.

I'm going to come right here a little bit up from the bottom all right kind of centered And I'm going to just real quick with this is a watercolor pencil You could use this is kids chalk that I've sharpened in a sharpener.

You're just gonna give yourself like a little idea where This moon is because we've got to get our background in first and my little trick here is I'm gonna start putting in my moon and Then as my moon is in I'm gonna put out my yellow.

Ochre all the materials are listed in the description below and We have a bunch of extra stuff on the website including The color story, which shows the little pulled out color scheme that this painting has I'm putting up my Doc's purple You might have noticed that I have no black in my painting Listed under the color scheme and that's because we're going to be using the docs purple and depression blue To create kind of a chromatic black we will use some brush technique But very little so just like a number four round and maybe a brush for scumbling That's it and this should be a pretty fun day I'm gonna put some titanium white here so I can lighten colors, and of course.

I've got to put my phthalo green thank you for cleaning these caps babe the phthalo green and the a little blue over here a tip for everyone To help your your your your little caps stay nice and clean Yeah, a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and oh geez and just spin them all you know just there you know every couple times it helps clean the threads and I think That's what we've got to start doing These little things that you just you know pick up Okay, so I'm gonna have a little bit of fun.

I'm gonna get one in my I like to call these like chicken nuggets I'm gonna get one of my little chicken nuggets.

You could use like a little house sponge Or this type of sponge if that's all you have and you're just like I've got to do this craft today Or I'm gonna just lose my mind.

I'm getting this wet and I'm taking on all the extra water right because we don't want all of the extra water, and I'm just gonna swirl it around in my ocher and Around in my white and I'm gonna come here and just initially Kind of rub this in see how I'm swirling this in it's a swirling nugget.

We're gonna initially swirl our nugget Using our plate we reuse our plate actually twice mm-hmm, but this is just a fun thing now once.

I have that in I'm Going to come here and at the bottom.

There's this kind of interesting little greenish glow I'm gonna go ahead and tip with a little green and a smidge of the blue.

See I'm grabbing the smidge –is smidge smidge smidge and I'm gonna make sure that I've kind of Tapped a little of this you know I'm doing yeah a little of the sponge texture Like right here you can go off.

I just want to make sure that it's it's bare and Kind of blended if I've got a clean area of sponge I can soften any blends that I have look So I just flip it over to clean side to soften it out your sponge blending I'm sponge blending now the other thing that I can do is I can come in get a smidge of my purple into this and some white and Start coming here and making my like little moon crazy textures So I'm just around the outside edge and I can soften this line here because I'm going to be coming back with the magenta This is fun This is not just similar in thinking to does anyone remember the spray paint class I do you do I like to spray paint all right I may get a lot more white on here and a little bit of my pigment.

See how it's just a little bit toned I'm gonna come right in the center here we go just Sponging that out Making it moon-like.

It's gonna be so crazy.

How when it becomes the moon, and you're gonna be like where did that come from? so see, I've got my lighter area in the center here and I can just tap this out if I need to blend it all Right so I've got a nice tap there and Let's get a little more of the docs and a little of our magenta onto here and Then I've got a smidge of my Yellow ochre look at that And then we'll start tapping this purpleness isn't that crazy yeah Now I'm bringing this leg down and making like a crater kind of shape get your crater shapes on But look how little like I get it like on the little corner there And then I bring it in and go like vertical to blend it in it is such an expressive little thing the little sponges yeah They are and I'm coming around with this dark all around this outer edge here And you notice that I wasn't very precious with That outer edge, right mmm Wasn't wasn't particularly precious.

I'm gonna get just a little more magenta in here And come along this outside edge and warm that up.

See how I'm doing.

I do just a little more This will peek out As I'm going and I'm softening this this is just so much fun Here's a this is often time to ask this okay, Tammy asked.

Oh really this is a technical question Oh, okay, if I don't have a sponge.

Can I stumble it in yeah? You can use the crumpled up.

Saran wrap method you can scumble this in So you've got another painting technique, you're like.

Oh, this is cute and all but I'm not into it.

That's okay I'm not gonna be mad at ya see actually I Originally thought that she was asking can I scumble with a sponge? I was like I don't even know the answer to that I'm gonna just hair dry this Okay, and squeeze out my I'm using the pigment out of my sponge I'm gonna hair dry this so I can do my cool like resist Yeah You know and then wait let me look at it from far away.

I think I want some more purple into it more purple yeah, I think I want some more purple into it a little more yellow in there, but with the purple oh There's so many people who are saying they can't wait to do this.

Oh this is fun.


I just want a little more purple Right there.

I just was feeling like it had to be ooh So see how I'm keeping these shapes super irregular mm-hmm.

That's gonna be very big deal.

I can always come around and lighten the center with a little white and Yellow ochre right yeah now Rachael was saying crumpled up piece of paper towel.

She's yeah? So you know definitely you know don't you're just trying to get the project in you don't have to like perfect it like at this Absolute second or be a slave to how I'm doing it in anyway.

Let's try this let's gonna be trippin.

Let's call it you Sure while she's doing that I'll say the first thing is check out the description down below You'll find a link to our website, which will contain all the traceable x' the reference images and links to all of the other Things that will help you along with this video so you can find those in the description below now The reason she's drying this so much is that as she puts on the subsequent layers She doesn't want the brush to pick up these undertones or them to smear and blend in with each other so it's important to use a hairdryer to get that blending in there and You don't have to use one with heat Heat actually can adversely affect your paint, so what that meal what that means is it can make him the color shift? Or it can make them kind of not stick as well so generally you want to use it on the coolest setting or just blowing and Let me turn Nothing, yeah So you want to use your hairdryer on the lowest setting for? Cool, cuz the heat doesn't really help much, and then just make sure you get a lot of wind on there And that's what actually helps get that that layer dry so you don't get subsequent layers sticking right right and when they when they mix and you get like Gray's When you don't want them all sponge just Cuz I don't wanna be like your little sponge ran away.


No it's there, but I just don't want to like Mess with it like cuz it's all Pig mini, and I've got fresh ones we got friendly I would just like walk away wash it out completely and come back clean nugget But you have a show to do you can't do have a show to do So I have to deal with my clean negatives later, so taking a little of my quinacridone and mixing it into my Purple And what I'm gonna.

Do here is I'm gonna Center this where some of that for all the different little colors I have is sort of held, and I'm going to tap this all around my plate Sammy mm-hmm I'm tapping this all around my plate Happening all around on my plate And as soon as I'm happy with that.

I'm gonna get a little more of my purple on here Maybe darken it over towards the left side There you go and a moon is starting to oh my gosh that just appeared It was just like you pulled it apart and there was there was a moon, there's a moon And it was just hiding there now for this part you can You know do the drag cuz you're kind of doing what I would call on a curly ground here and you're just making sure that you've got your purple and mix of Clinic or I'm gonna put more quinacridone over here And I'm gonna leave some room for my stippling so when I come back and soften that It's good, but I'm just blocking in what I've got Now the really cool thing is I'm going to flip over and I'm going to go right into my phthalo blue I'm not even rinsing it out because it's okay if a little bit of this Purple's on here and I'm going to just go ahead and Take the lower thirds where I'm gonna have my dark landscape, right? And I'm going to come and make Sure that this has got some blow in it some of it can come up the sides, it'll be okay The only trouble that you might have with this is if you have too much water in your sponge You might not have enough of the polymer to stabilize and dry So if your sponge is like dripping water drips down your arm chances Are you have too heavy of a water mixture in that and? Just like you know you'd have to have an absorbent ground You'd have to have one here if you were going to do like really water color EFX I'm gonna rinse this out, too And I'm gonna dry this gonna dry it yeah because on this Right now the magic is that this is sort of like stabilized in and I can dry it So I'm gonna dry it and then I'm gonna see if my surprised Incredible gremlin don't get rinses out There was a wish to see our in-house gremlin But you know gremlins are shy yes, and sometimes they don't come out in front of the camera yes It's like a whole thing.

Well I didn't totally understand this I Mean like you could barely get me away Okay, so obviously she let me know she was gonna do that oh? Hey guys, it's really nice to see you out here with us today, and it's been you know It's a it's a strange day as you can see So man Thank you for coming and hanging out with us it's it's one of my favorite things is being able to look out there and see all you guys and chat with you and If you haven't had a chance to join us in the live.

I highly highly suggest it.

It's really awesome there's all sorts of shenanigans we do all sorts of stuff and You know you can you can find more information on that at the links in the description below because that'll find Find you our website link which will show you all about what's going to going on here and any other referenceable? materials that you might need to find and so Yeah, check has a nugget.

I have a mysterious glass of water and sponge has just been just There were two sponges in that cup Yes Don't wring the garbage disposal Okay, so I'm gonna cue sponging in the sky and on this side It's much rosier, and it goes much more to the quinacridone and is warmer, and then on this side it gets darker So I'm gonna come over here and say alright.

Here's my quinacridone I might even oh look two little sponges, and I didn't scream, which is like really cool cuz sometimes I do I've taken a little of my ochre and I'm coming over here.

You can kind of see how it's a little bit warmed, right yep and I'm going to go ahead and stamp up this side So that it's soft and cool and blended Right I'm gonna.

Take this up here, and you can see how the purple underneath is sort of helping us Alright, and that's what you're gonna want is to make sure that your purple underneath is helping you now as I'm going I can get a little more of this purple into this and Even start to come around and I'm just bouncing up and down.

Can you see I'm just softly tapping up and down You had a makeup blender Right This is not a dissimilar thing You could also like get a texture up here.

They'd be interesting with the saran wrap were Gosh with bubble wrap just play with it a paper towels.

Yeah paper towels remember the clean side of the sponge Can blend a lot I'm gonna keep darkening over here.

It's Remini get into my Purple and my Prussian blue.

I want to test out my my fancy words so fancy words One when one method is additive, and the other method is subtractive Yes when you roll it over yes, good top, okay, so you're go man, I'm like yeah, that's actually true I shall make sure I was like I'm like not sure I've been So we're just Definitely darkening through here, right.


That's what we're gonna Do we're gonna definitely darken through here, and we'll come here, and maybe catch this upper corner Down into this sponge here, how's that looking oh? It looks pretty cool back up and take a look alright, so let's start pulling into we've got some Interesting lighter value, so I'm taking a little my white as you can see And just pouncing some of this like that into this space here just You're above the moon brightening this up I'm really grateful that they give us a ton of little craft sponges in the craft packs.

Yeah I like all little different shapes that you come with an assortment yeah And I'm sort of super glad that they also have the I'm grabbing it cleanly because I want to go more to the quinacridone I'm also really glad that they have them at the dollar store, so you're sort of that inexpensive economical option So I'm gonna get right into a little of my ochre and some of my quinacridone and some wait There that and I'm mixing it up There we go There you go tapping this lighter value out this way a little bit No there was sort of fun isn't it yeah pretty? Jennifer was just asking if our website had had the videos on it and Yeah, actually our web If you check in the links in the description below it has a link up there where you'll find a traceable our reference materials a link to the pre show and In that pre show we talked a lot about the blue exchanges that you could do.

Yeah, we talked a good bit about that.

I'm bouncing in some pure quinacridone over here Enjoying that You can see I've just got some nice little mixtures.

I noticed that it's darker on one side and Pinker on the other That's okay, right yeah? That's that's I'm using the reference to make that decision And I like that because it gave some values to play against yeah, it implied um were dynamic kind of background kind of sky I Really like it, but it's okay for it to be uneven you don't have to make it nice.

It's yes So I really always completely okay now.

I want to get a little bit of a green glow Yeah, but if I do green there.

I've got my quinacridone and so it could mess with my green glow coming up So I'm going to dry this side so when I do a little bit of green so that as I put the plants up It's going to show up really well guys ready yep So again, it's really important to make sure you dry that so that as you put on the next layers you don't You don't pick up any of those those under layers.

That's especially with sponging techniques and scumbling techniques.

It's really easy to pick up those those under layers and With with acrylic you're either blending or building layers.

I'm sure there are other things We can do but those are two primary things we do a lot of here.

That's why it's important to get those That hairdryer out or they your air dryer air mover of some kind again not too much heat I talked about that again earlier You know you want these on the lowest settings so that you're just getting air in there Just talking about the your hairdryer, and you're setting it on low so you're just getting air out of it I Take a bunch of my ochre over here and get a smidge of my phalo green Nice and we're gonna just make sure That some of this if you guys.

I don't know if you caught the subtle subtlety of it I'm just gonna bring it up here was coming up behind the castle just a smidge I'm going to make sure wait.

Sorry I didn't disappear I Didn't okay I'm just tapping and softening this out to just make it a light amount of pigment color like you have I Just brought that over here cuz again if your sponge were too wet You wouldn't be getting the effect that you want.

There's some nice little Greenish kind of cast Add a little bit, and then this is almost actually for the background sky Pretty close totally done Which is exciting because that is more than halfway through on the painting Alright because when it comes together it'll come together super super fast now We're gonna brush work in a little bit of stuff at the base We're gonna put in our castle and our silhouettes And then we're gonna layer in some top layer trees and this whole landscape is going to come together in a crazy way Now this little glow here only is gonna work really well for you if the layer underneath was dry if it's getting muddy on you Mm.

That's what happened is your underneath layer was not dry Let's get just a I'm gonna use the number 8 cat's tongue So you could use a number 8 bright a number 8 filbert, it would not be particularly problematic or urgent I'm gonna take a little of my Prussian blue and my phthalo blue And I'm gonna come here because what I have here little Hill it kind of comes down It's gonna come underneath here And then you know come on up because that's you know what the castle is sitting on and I'm gonna just brush this right over This sort of dark Interesting little value coming around in this corner you See and because both of these colors are transparent.

It's like they're like a glaze See the interesting way that they layer on each other yeah I'm gonna get a little more of this dark color and even in this case.

I'm gonna go right into my diox purple Mm-hmm because there's a couple side colors corners that are super dark almost chromatically black Which means it doesn't have any black in it, but it reads so dark as to abstence ibly be black in the painting So we've got to build that up, and I'm just gonna scumble that see me just brushing that brush backwards and forwards And I'm going to do the same over here.

Just layering that up Cuz that's what we're doing We're layering the layers This is a very pretty.

I love the the purpley layered colors of this.

Yes, me too This is like my favorite thing to work in and All right here we go So I've got that sort of darken value Coming on the outside if it I got this darken value coming on the outside and then in the center I'm gonna want to kind of aqua it up so we need to rinse out my brush pretty well We're switch brushes Alright Because we're gonna come right here and make sort of a little bit of a highlight.

I might need to put out a little more Phthalo ish blue a little blue and I definitely I'm gonna need a little more prussian and Diox in my Composition so I might as well put those out while I'm here right yeah, so here's my prussia n It's a great color One of my favorites All right, you're here we go And now I'm gonna take a little of my green into my phthalo blue it's gonna start giving me this sort of aqua zing and I'm gonna come brush right here This aqua area in almost a smile And up the hill a smidge You guys see that yeah, and then maybe back here a little bit.

I go back and forth see I'm wiggling my brush Comes a little bit, and it goes a little bit further to the right coming back making this uneven little landscape line Right here If I lose my dark values I can always come back with Just the pression right here and make sure that we're Still good you Can even work some of that back in here thing? if you lose your shape But you want this to be a very uneven kind of random edge because you want it to feel like things feel When they have something natural going on about them right mm-hmm So I'm gonna do a couple of fun things.

I'm actually Personally gonna make like I'm gonna have my little carriage here But I'm seeing like a little area where it could have some blue kind of almost Fog or smoke, and I'm gonna take my green and a little bit of my phthalo, but I want it to be more phthalo And I'm gonna come along here I'm gonna take my brush Do this right here all along this moon No you're not using any glazing liquid here, no this is that the phthalo is so transparent That if it's see how I'm making this little uneven Space I'm gonna wipe this off and you can even Are you using any water to thin that or nope that's just halo, that's just the natural thinness of phthalo That's doing that yeah, and see now I'm stuck on scaling this up, and it creates that sort of And that fine yeah, so there's just barely look how little it's just barely any pigment My brush is dry that way I can have sort of a Little scumble a bit here scumble scumble scumble rubly scumbly, but see how that's that crazy misty glow.

Yeah, I Got a little happy with my misty.

Glow look.

You know sometimes you have to it's you know it puts the ambience in it I'm gonna get just a regular bright or maybe like I think actually I might do an angle a Nice half-inch angle, but what you want is a brighter angle or anything that gives you a nice sharp edge I'm going to use my t-square You could use a paper towel or anything what I find is I can have trouble with my straight lines mm-hmm so I like to give myself a little guide, and I use this these are inexpensive I Just want to make sure that if I have spires oh They're straight What this so you're not you know making any Italian towers For sure mine would lean I don't know where you guys live But for sure my towers would absolutely be leaning ones and so there's just no point In pretending like it would be anything other than that and I'm going to come in and I think I'm going to be mixing up my prussian and My diox because that's going to be my Silhouette color, and I'm gonna just try to use the edge of my brush To help me get my shape My sharpness That's how I'm gonna do it you could use a break you could use around whatever was gonna.

Give you a nice sharp edge or your silhouette and I'm not gonna fight interestingly enough on this because the nature of this piece this sort of Textural I might even lean into it and add some more right I'm gonna have to side spires here on each side There's a traceable if you don't want to freehand a castle out You can see I'm just using the mix prussian and See like to be the black.

I don't really need that much water on this the brush is so It's so sharp in so Stiff That I think Yes, are you using there? I am using the half inch angle half inch angle, okay? Yeah Ankles are very interesting brushes.

They do a lot And I'm trying to make sure that all of my little towers are kind of different heights so that the castle feels story bookish mm-hmm like it can and I will just You know wherever I need to widen in and paint what I can solid solid and you know how you do Yep, you know how you do, so I'm going to bring this down Think it then I got a flare that out a little bit Just bringing these down, you know storybook style Not Storybrooke, it's just the property of Channel it does not need to come and sue me Story book style yeah So I'm gonna bring this little rectangle down here and I'm gonna add a couple more architectural elements in my silhouette and then I'm gonna put my carriage in and My little bonsai tree, and then I'm gonna show you how to get the rest of the trees and then we're done I like seriously like that quick This is gonna.

Go really fast.


I'm gonna just bring like a little longer support structure a poor – ehh And I'm just using my brush to help me you know B squared or architectural you could measure out Or you know do all kinds of things that you wanted to You know it would it's all good.

I'm gonna just You know if you have a favorite castle silhouette you want to use you could use it here You know like I'm I like I'm under obligation to not use a certain giant conglomerates castle silhouette Just everybody is all I'm saying is nobody knows what you're doing in your home.

That's all I'm saying well You know what's that once that that image turns into a brand image.

It's you know very hard Kind of like permissions must you know Respect the wishes of the castle owners.

Yep They're highly identifiable castle, but then I mean since the Eiffel Tower has lights at night now Without permission, I'm sorry it's very funny to me I Just try to get a little lip on that cuz I want it to have like a little sort of development in the castle see You know I I always have a very impossible castle right.

It's you know every time I see fantasy castles I just think of you know the Princess Bride have fun storming the castle This is definitely it Now see because of the way that the kind of crazy texture and everything is painting the texture and the castle is Actually a benefit.


I'm going to now do my little carriage and horse entry which I'm going to do Hopefully all with one brush.

Let's see how it goes this easing number four round I'm going to take you and you and mix you guys together, and hopefully get a pretty decent silhouette color.

Yep I'm how I'm doing This is I'm going into my water And I'm kind of can you see I dip and then I swirl around and then I roll off this is thinning my paint my other option would be that I would have to get like a fluid paint Right so first.

I think I'm gonna do the horse So I'm going to put a little curve the neck in And maybe a little barrel of the chest and from there figure out what the heck I'm gonna do Again you guys have the traceable, but you can pull and without I do this So I've got my little neck and chest in and that gives me sense of scale and size I'm gonna add a little ball at the front today I'm doing That's gonna.

That's gonna.

Give me the basis of his little face hmm.

I'm gonna bring this down taper it in And dad is this little horsey head, okay? It's a painting with just one alright.

I don't put my glasses on let's own this No, but you could whoo-hoo all right there.

We go we can see Now the good thing about using this horse is this about how tall is a horse heads head Um depends on the type of horse, so like say this horse this let's say this horse is 14 hands Okay, so would that be like 5 foot 9 No III don't know like 5 7 I'm not sure right so people were just kind of curious they're like you know how tall is this horse so like let's say they want to put a wolf or a Unicorn or a bear or a dog or other and things in there they were like well How tall is the horse for reference no right now? He's gonna He's got a bit of a badonkadonk coming on let me work that out guys.

This is it This is a fourteen hands tall horse.

Yeah, I'm good I just randomly shouted that out.

Randomly just determined that I'm gonna give him a little foot.


Just needs a little fight I like his little foot Here is He's up ranting now if it's if you're not comfortable.

Just free handing it in like this There's a traceable traceable like I'm like pretty good a horse.

Isn't even right now.

I'm like man.

What was I thinking? You're like you're like into the horsey way.



I've got him in the gallop cuz that's my Bravo I Guess that's tall for a horse isn't it ya know 18:20 hands, we're gonna give him a little tail and a little mean Licking my little brush right so his he has some flair to his head.

He's got some flair this horse has got some Flair Alright, so let's think about this little carriage.

That's here right so it's got to come back a good bit Let's say his little carriage comes back about here.

I'm gonna give some Some tack that implies that hey yeah the carriage might be here, I'm gonna do a couple wheels Thank guys mm-hmm and now this carriage.

You've got big, so he's gonna go up the hill of it That's just how that happened you're traceable doesn't do that change.

Oh, that's that's okay.

I'm gonna Kind of arc this up, and then we'll say make a little crown shape Ain't for decoration and then maybe even a little step-down shape also for decoration You've got some crazy tires going on so what I'm gonna.

Do is I'm gonna just make these solid cuz things went a crazy for me Alright, and then we're gonna say that At the top here.

There's a little bit of a a little flourish So you could totals pumpkiny? Let's say that that feels pumpkiny Could could be Right and then some other little flourishes.

See I'm just using this one little brush though Flourishes I'm gonna say.

Hey guys.

I haven't even switch the brush And then I'm gonna make the little pumpkin shape so let's say There we go And I have a carriage.


We're not Good, maybe maybe not so they they're laying some math on me on the unknown well I'm thinking this horse is taller than unfortunately hands.


These are really tall horse.

He's got to be taller horse than that okay He may need to be a taller worse than that, but you know what we're gonna Do we're gonna get a little bit of weight cuz I do want my wheels to have spokes And I'm just going to use this trick.

Oh, you're just gonna highlight them.

Yeah, I'll just fix it by going like this oh Wow So I do want it to have spokes, and I didn't get them in oh That happened and that's how I got around it nice, and then I can just be like hey, maybe you have some highlights Therefore it makes sense what I did there How's that ha I like to highlight that that's all now? They were saying you could add you could add like horn or wings to this horse Yeah, I think so you know just that's totally up to you there.

We go now He's got some little highlights see so that's there you go carriage Some stuff happened.

I don't know it's explained oh I like the carriage.

Do you yeah? Okay, we need some little blush here, and I'm gonna get a little nugget Where's my little nuggets? I need my tiny nuggets.

I need a tiny now.

There's a tiny little nugget They're hiding it's hiding so this is a small nugget, and I just want this much of the Nugget And it's gonna be like hey Here's a little dab dab tree that's right there a Little dab dab tree Yeah, I might dab dab some tree back here and start to dab dab some stuff there.

I'm not going to move this though so You know we'll just say that there's a Tiff and like many other ladies here would like to just say thank you they feel like you designed this painting just for them I'm so glad and they're just like Thank you very much.

I have just found this and I love you for doing this I love being able to do it.

I'm gonna add a Quinacridone highlight because I think it'll show I Don't highlight, yeah Yep To this tree.

Oh yeah, that's interesting so you used a you're using the shadow color to make the highlight Yeah, funny But you know I needed it like I want it to look like a little tree so But then it's a shadowy tree the shadowy tree And give it a little bit of pink bush All right here we go hey It has a little pink Bush now, and if I had to I could be like oh wait come here Quinacridone I need your help I'm connected.

I'll be like well.

I don't have nobody and we're like yeah, you helped me Make it tap a little highlight on that bush.

Oh Yeah, that just added a perfect little seam.

Let's see how that goes let's look away Let's look away all right, so now we got a bush and we got a thing and we're gonna make some trees hmm We're ready is that? Some trees here and some trees here, and it's the first thing that we're gonna.

Do is we're gonna like These trees Like Daria sister That's how much quin I'm putting out, that's how serious I am about it well You're putting that out Lily when I said I'm an artist huh while you're putting that out Lily would like to send you an art hug? She said you just you bring so much light into her life.

She's wanted to say.

Thank you Thank you so much So I just it is very nice very nice comment here from her so she's just pass it on to you My glasses are fogging because it's hot it's it's a little warm today Lux waiting temperatures in the student you have all right, this is just pure Quinn see how bright that is pure, Quinn even on the surface look at that bright Quinn Yeah, that's crazy you're gonna.

You know the same side just that one side.

I've got this boy We got theirs it comes down a little bit And you know there's a little bit there, but mostly the queen is Here, and then it's you know it's a little tree and the tree might even come past that say mm-hmm There we go so nice, Quinn tree and then we've got a little Pop of Quinn down here see like it's like a weird little bush or Plant base see how that creates outward.

Yeah, so crazy right I'm gonna put you aside for a second.

I'm gonna get you You're a slightly different texture.

This is another one of my crafty sea sponges Now this I'm gonna use You I have my palette knife.

I don't know if I have any of my palette knives Try if I want I got one I'll work this one out that's okay, I'm gonna take a little my green over to my pHalo Make sure that there's a little white mixed into it initially and then we will Pop it up into a brighter green So I'm going to take this little weird shape Just tap this in And we're gonna come over on this side and do a treat on this side and look at that pop you know oh You're right.

It does pop So see and we haven't even put the dark value into it first Yeah that super fun stuff, right And that's how that's how we do did you do do mmm yes all right, so a lot more green a Lot more green So that was a little bit of the green mixed into that with some white, so it will pop look at that There's your bright green highlight? Oh? Some of that down here, I'm just tapping this in and saying oh, how bushy you uh I Mean that's pretty fun That's pretty cool But guess where this can also go when this is dry I can also put it over here, so my dry this real quick Okay, so that this is still wet on my sponge and yeah, she's gonna dry that so that the next layer that she puts on there doesn't pick up that under color and Mix up and make muddy colors.

She wants them to be nice and crisp So we're just gonna make sure that that's nice.

Don't forget to check out the description below You'll find a link to our website, which will have The traceable it'll have the reference image It'll have a link to the pre show where we talked about different colors that were Exchangeable like if you don't have Prussian blue, and you'd like to exchange it We've talked about some of the different things you can exchange it for there let's see and There's links to all the other projects in the series Don't forget about those we had the book and all the wonderful girls that are that are really in this fantasy series So you can find a lot of that it's all kind of happening I know that those are you know part of that some of those are baq, but I'm just enjoying all of this stuff I know that some of you guys are too, so Looking good.

Thank you.

I'm gonna sponge this you ready okay, this has got a whole some of this Too look at that over that pink oh man in that crazy, and that's why you dried It is make sure that got that pop.

Yeah, so pop up Want it to pop up and I might even go with You can have a little bit of down here too all right so now I've got this fun sort of mix pink and and all of that right yeah, and I got to find one of my clean Nuggets They can do a dark color on.

This is clean enough.

Nope just squirted that purple pigmented juice everywhere Beautiful messes will be made today Now I'm gonna get right into my prussian into my diox right this is quite dark, but Here's quite dark right and then this tree has some darkness to it doesn't oh yes It's quite dark, but it has these pops and so I'm the back side.

I'm gonna darken that up And it's okay, then I'm putting in some of these dark values Into this tree shape I've got one here see, but I want to leave it still very tree like no, and you can always come and Take a little up see a little of your white And give it just a smidge right there Now this side same thing as this dark color over here, so let's get rid on in it Look at that Now we've got the dark coco, we've got that happening that's going really really well Look at our diox and our prussian, and we'll put some birds in yeah, how is everybody doing did they have fun? Oh, yeah you know sherry and lots of other people here have just been echoing that they wanted to just say thank you that you've been a Great inspiration for them to start painting, just love your tutorials.

I am really glad I really glad you guys are like always up for fine.

Yeah like that We're not like oh, we got to do it the same way every time you're like all right.

Are we sponging sponges up No, it's awesome.

You don't get to see the chat, so we do.

I don't because you get distracted by chat I can't a little distract it by chat.

That's a that's a super true.

I'm the distraction buffer, which is ironic it is kind of I'm gonna make some of my darkest color On my little round brush, and I'm gonna do a couple of things with it I'm gonna come right here and Maybe add a few branches oh Just a few they're bare.

They're like very like you know circum in here and You know you can be like oh, there's like a tree in here Yeah when you can have some coming up here too on the other side just a few and here's what's fun is you can make some weird little vine swirls Do you like it just using my number four round I just a round brush these are just some weird little textures that you can have And the other and last and final thing that you can put in The last and final a little birds, there's a Birds little birds flying away fine fine flying away I Like to make them lots of different sizes This is just something fun that you can do and this is that kind of a piece that you can take as seriously as you choose or You know yes relaxed as you choose mm-hmm Yeah, you can be like hey.

I'm gonna make all these little branches, and I'm gonna be super fiddly about it or you can be like man I Don't know what I want in this thing this is that's also okay? I'm gonna take I think a little of my Aqua color here My color surprise, it's over here, and I'm gonna just be like Sign this little sucker up There we go yeah No whoo wait isn't it pretty amazing? I love this painting.

This is one of my favorite ones you done and We do this one really fast this one this one came in really fast.

This is just a fun bit of art Joy like sometimes we can get wrapped up in what we're doing we can take ourselves way too.

Seriously we can forget the art first has to be kind of fun like Who wants to take the joy out of coloring? Remain joyful you had put together some reference materials that are up on the website yes including I see there's the reference what is this thing? That's the color story, so you understand like what colors you might find in this painting And now you can see how we mix those out right and you got those up on the website That's on the website You can download the PDF of the reference so if you want to paint this in a different style or methodology I will not be upset and Also, we have a traceable because if you're like I don't want to freehand all that crazy.

You don't have to it's like all there So every way that you're ready to create that you're excited to create we got we've got you all right And I guess including the pre talked about this thing All out there now the facebook free link.

We'll put that on the page there, too so I think the next time we're Officially supposed to see each other is on Tuesday because we have the makeup of the big art quest until then be good to yourselves be Good to each other and we want to see you at the eisle really soon.


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