Lighting for Bikini Shoot | Part 3 of Fashion Photography Tutorial

Lighting for Bikini Shoot | Part 3 of Fashion Photography Tutorial

So, now we have done with styling and makeup.

Now it is the time for setting lights.

One thing you need to understand is that youdon't need model to be in front of backdrop to set the lights.

First you need to have an idea what kind oflighting you need.

After having an idea, set the lights.

Then ask the model to stand in front of thebackdrop.

You don't want the model to get bored juststanding while you arrange the lights.

For this particular look, we are using onlytwo lights.

It's a two light setup.

So, I am turning off this softbox and thissoftbox.

I am just using one large Octabox and onebeauty dish.

So, I have turned off two lights and I haveone large octabox and beautydish is there.

So, I am just setting it according to model'sheight and this one this large octabox will be around model's height.

We are just asking model to come so that wecan have a look.

Sneha, come here.

From here you can see light actually fallingon this side and it will create a highlight on this side and create a shadow on this side.

With this light what we are doing is we arecancelling out the shadows.

We need a even look.

We are not going for any high key photographyor low key photography.

If you know the basics of photography, thereis one key light and there is one fill light.

So, here we are using this one as key lightand we are using that as fill light.

Now the lighting setup is finished.

Now, we will go to the actual shooting part.

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