Melted Crayon Art Tutorial

Melted Crayon Art Tutorial

Start by sorting the crayons out color by color.

Now that we have all the colors sorted out we're going to start lining them up in whatever shape you want.

I'm going to do a heart for this one.

Then you'll pick the crayons up starting on one side one by one and gluing the bottom part of it and putting it back down.

Just put a little bit of glue otherwise it will go everywhere.

Now that the crayons are glued on and we're waiting for the glue to dry we're going to write the quote down in pencil.

After you write it all in pencil we're going to go over it with whatever color paint you want.

When we're done writing the saying we're going to start melting the crayons.

You should probably have something under the canvass so it doesn't drip on the floor.

And make sure you're turning the canvass as you are melting the crayons.

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