Mixed Media Altered Driftwood with Finnabair Rust and Patina Paste and Art Alchemy Wax

Mixed Media Altered Driftwood with Finnabair Rust and Patina Paste and Art Alchemy Wax

hi everyone its Keren here with amixed-media altered driftwood as an inspiration from one of my friends onFacebook.

her name is Katja Joulak.

I hope I'm saying her name correctlybut she created this beautiful mixed-media project called Forrest ladyand when I saw it I really wanted to create something similar as aninspiration from her projects I'm linking her project below so you can seewhat she created as well as all the links to all the products that I've usedtoday on my project.

A while back I found a piece of driftwood and I actuallydidn't know what to do with it until I got inspired from that project.

I tookone of Prima marketing flowers this has resin faces on it I think this is thePatty one and I took one of the faces and took the flower apart alittle bit because I just wanted one of the smallest flower to be underneath theface and used some soft matte gel medium to glue it to the background then I tooksome of the art stones from Prima finnabair and using the same soft matte gelmedium started adding texture going up and down the driftwood.

since the shapewho waslong I was able to create kind of the motion going up anddown using the art stones.

this is a very small piece of driftwood it's about tencentimeters long or like four inches so it was just perfect to put that face onbecause I wanted the face to go out of the wood.

I added both miniart stones and art stones onto it to just create a different type of textureonto the background.

I let this dry overnight because I really wanted tohave it dry before I added any mediums onto it.

I started by spraying a littlebit of the color blooms sprays.

I wanted to add that teal color onto thebackground so I tried with both it glistening wave and the deep teal but itreally didn't give it the actual depth that I want it.

I did leave this the wayit is just because I wanted to show you that I hadadded the spray however I didn't go with that at the end.

I took some of metalbranches these I've gotten from different sources I think it was from eBay and ifyou are interested in getting any of these you can always contact me and Ican sell you some because I have a few that I have bought over the years and I can sell them.

they're really hard to find so if anybody wants them I can sellyou some as well but what I did is I took this soft matte gel and I actuallyglued the branches around the face because I really wanted it to make it look as ifit was very earthy and part of the tree now these branches are really hard toglue onto things because they're not even.

they have very few spotswhere the branch touches the wood and especially with such an uneven surface it's really hard to do.

what I did is I took the color burstbottles which are perfect size to just put underneath and held them there untilthe branches were dry so I was able to go around and just put somethingunderneath so it will hold the branches and they will not fall so they can staythe way I want them which is kind of sticking out of their driftwood and let the composition dry with thebottles underneath to make sure that everything stayed in place and this tooka couple of days because I was busy with something else so I just let it dry as Imentioned before.

I did change my mind about how I wanted to color in thismixed-media project first I had tried it with the color bloom but it didn'tgive me the right color so I took prima Finnabair patina paste.

this is aturquoise color and I started adding that turquoise color onto thebackground to color the different areas not so much the wood but more thelittle art stones and the flower leaving the face as blank as possible and justadding a little bit of the turquoise tinge on it then I took the mint colorfrom the patina set and just doing the same thing I colored in and added alittle bit of that tone on to it as well I really wanted to create something veryearthy because of the wood and make it look rusted as if it was sitting therefor many years rusting and getting kind of moldy and that was the effect I wasgoing for.

I just really felt like it was kind of like mother nature.

but MotherNature is not perfect and it just has that emotional rust to it I don't knowhow to explain it it's something that I just felt that I couldn't explain inwords.

then I took the rust paste this is the red color and I startedadding that rust feel to the background as well and I don't add iteverywhere I added it in certain areas and as you can see I'm adding it with somewater so I'm holding my water bottle, adding some paste and then spraying itand this helps to spread that redness around to make it look morerealistic as if it's real rust I really like how these mediums mix withwater because you can thin them down and really create that rusty look and Ireally like this technique because it really makes it look as if it's part ofthe background and you can really mix the turquoise and red colors and createthat patina effect that everybody loves so much.

I also took the gold color fromthe rust pace from the Finnabair set and added it to the background because thatone brings everything together so when it mixes with the red and theturquoise it really makes it look earthy.

sometimes when I add a certain colorthen I have to go back and add a different one again like the turquoiseone.

I just find that mixing them back and forth between the red and the goldand the turquoise it really helps bring the whole thing together so it's reallyimportant to balance them all and use them all for this purpose.

Finally I took the Prima Finnabair art alchemy wax in aged brass and I startedadding it in certain areas with my finger I wanted to really highlight thetexture with the branches and with the art stones and I also added it to theface to highlight the face and make it a blend into the background since there were some spaces where myfinger couldn't reach as this is a very textured projectI took my stipple brush and dipped it into the wax and then started adding itinto the inside areas underneath the texture, underneath the branches so Icould really get into the nooks and crannies and really get that really nicehighlight with the aged brass.

this project didn't take a long time to makebut it did take a long time to dry in between stages but it was quick and easyonce I was able to assemble it all together and color it in.

If you liked itplease give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends thank you so much forwatching for more inspiration subscribe to mychannel and visit my website.


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