Oil Painting with Play Doh

Oil Painting with Play Doh

My plan is to incorporate Play-Doh in oil painting I'm not sure if this thing is something new First I did a backdrop It's my first time to do oil painting I just want to familiarise myself in this medium CLOSE CAPTION IS ON I did not post how I made this whole canvas Because during that time I'm still studying how to do it But I've posted some pictures on Instagram Follow me on instagram.

Com/romibarcena The reason I've incorporated Play-Doh in oil painting I'm hoping that it would add volume on the subject Because oil paints are quite expensive But oil paint's beauty as we know it in spite of the gloss is the texture I'm not sure if you would call it cheating but Play-Doh is also a form of art so why not merge the two My working table is acrylic glass Your life would be much easier if you're working on glass It would be easier for you to scrape them after But first, let's clean the glass thoroughly I'm planning to use sunflower as my subject for this project I just looked up in Google How sunflower looks like But I don't plan to copy them in full detail The beauty of this form of art is that you don't have to copy the whole detail of the object People would better appreciate the artists rendition of the subject As I'm doing this now, I still don't have an idea on how am I supposed to do sunflower in Play-Doh I'll just use my imagination as I go along I'll start with petals It's kind of.

Tedious job Because sunflower has too many petals In painting, the way the audience see it.

Is how.

Or what the artist was thinking While he's painting That's where the story goes Now.

What I'm thinking.

It's kind of tiring I still have no idea.

How can I properly do all these petals Pretty and easy There's no system yet I'm still trying to figure out Just doing experiment for now Let's see how it goes What's important in art is.

You enjoy what you do It's tiring but.

just enjoy it The pictures of sunflower seeds over the internet have many variants What I see in person is also different I'll try the one that I found in Google That one looks kind of interesting But for now I still have no idea how am I going to do it.

We'll see This is the most fun part in sculpture The detailing But on this project I think, there's no need for much of a detail The idea is.

This sculpture will be covered with oil paint Now that we're done with this sun flower But.

It looks boring as it is What we're going to do is I think, we need to place movement on this object So let's assume that the wind blow is Coming from the right side Let's fold some of the petals this way The more action the better It's quite alarming because This would make it harder for us to paint Now.

The challenge is how are we going to preserve this Play-Doh I still have no idea how But I'm thinking of doing something Something that I want to try I'll try to use this patching compound I supposed this will give strength to our Play-Doh Then I will mix that With this water based paint So that it would be easier to apply That's going to be on my next video Going to do some experiment See if our Play-Doh will last Using the mixture of patching compound and water based paint Please SUBSCRIBE for update Thank you for watching! And watch out for the second part Music by A Himitsu "Adventures".

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