Hello everyone, it's Allanah here and in today's video I thought I'd do a little paint with me video.

I'm going to be using my oil paints, whichI haven't used in years.

So, in today's video I'm going to be doinga little study with my oil paints of a Rose.

I chose a Rose because I thought it'd be anice way to get back into oil paints.

I'm actually painting on paper – all I didwas I added Gesso to the pages which kind of makes the paper less pourous so you can work on the surface of the Gesso.

In the past when I've worked with oils I'vealways worked on canvases and I've been really, really meticulous about how I apply the paint; but with this study it kind of took the pressure off a bit – because I knew that I'd be ableto just start again on a new page if I wasn't happy.

I really love working with oil paints, theyare just very soft to work with.

They blend so effortlessly, it's really quitewonderful.

With Acrylics it's a lot more difficult toblend because the paint dries really fast and then of course you've got to mix up morecolours to use.

It isn't always easy to get the correct shadesthat you've used before but with oils they stay wet for longer and you can kind of manipulatethe paint more.

You can really get the blending to exactlyhow you want it.

I especially loved trying to kind of portraythe delicasy of the petals and also trying to get the colours that I could see in thepetals onto the artwork.

It was a lot of fun for me.

I really love creating paintings, it's kindof like a puzzle to me and I really enjoy trying to figure out which colours to use and how to make it look more dimensional.

It's like a bit of a challenge and I reallyreally enjoy it.

So I really hope you've enjoyed this littlepaint with me video; I created it just to kind of get in the swing of oil paints a bitmore and I'll probably be using them more on my channel so definitely look out for morevideos.

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyedthis video and if you did I'll try and make more like it.

Please do subscribe and I love you all andI'll see you all very soon.

Thank you for watching bye.

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