Pink Sunset. Watercolor tutorial.

Pink Sunset. Watercolor tutorial.

This is a watercolor tutorial byEkaterina Smirnova We will paint a Pink Sunset, let’s begin.

I will follow my little sketch, this will be the paper on which I’ll paint.

I will use Rose Madder genuine, Ultramarine, Raw Sienna and Ivory Black.

The brush that I’m choosing is a soft bristle brush with a point on the end.

We will start with mixing Raw Sienna and water.

Make an intense mix and start applying on your paper.

There is no need to pre-wet the paperbefore, however you can add water in order to make the color smooth.

You should remember that when the paper dries the color is not going to appear so intense.

So here will be our Sun.

I’m going to take a cloth and dab right in that area where the Sun will remain.

After I’m done with the Sun: to my Raw Sienna I will mix in Pink (Rose Madder Genuine) to create an orange color.

While my Raw Sienna is still wet I willapply orange around, but yet keeping the yellow color around the Sun.

Now I need to make my sky even more pink, so adding a pure rose madder will do the trick.

You should remember that all of the steps above you need to do while the paper is still wet.

If you have way too much color you can remove an extra color with a brush.

I would also like to add someUltramarine on the top part of the sky And you can see that the mix is not verypretty because of the yellow and blue are mixing together.

That’s why I removed anextra color with a napkin and then added my blue.

You can see that I am always keeping my brush dry by removing extra wetness on the cloth.

Now, mixing in some Rose Madder into French Ultramarine.

I’m creating a purplish color which worksvery well.

Now I’m mixing a much deeper tones of purple: French ultramarine and Rose Madder Genuine will create in this color, but I think that it needs to beeven more intense.

so I am going to mix until I am satisfied and a deeper darker purple is created.

For the next step you need to somewhat dry your paper, but not all the way through.

I’m going to paint a few of the clouds with my deep violet color.

The clouds are very simple in this sunset they are parallel to the horizon Just a suggestion, they shouldn’t be too dark.

This is a very delicate sunset so all of the colors are very light.

To balance the painting I’mgoing to add some of the clouds on the right side.

I’m mixing in a little more of the Rose Madder.

With a second DRY brush I’m making some of the adjustments to my clouds For the next step I need to make sure that my paper is fully dry, so I’m using a hairdryer in order to speed up the process.

Once the paper is FULLY DRY I willmake a horizon line on a lower third part.

For that I’m picking a light purple color and with a point of my brush I will create a horizon line On the left part of the sky I’d like to add a little bit more of the Rose Madder to make it even more pinker.

I would like to make a fine gradation of this pink color that’s why I’m adding water in order to help the Rose matter spread around easier A little bit of pink on the lower right side as well.

And right now I am noticing that my sky is starting to act funny and it’s creating this white patches and different sorts of textures.

This means that I did not dry my paper very well, it needed to be absolutely dry.

I’m going to leave it as it is for now and I will start working on the ocean side.

I’m using Rose Madder to make some of the waves.

Now I’m taking that intense purple that I mixed before and I’m adding a little of Ivory Black to create a deeper purple mix.

Once I’m satisfied with the shape of thesand I’m going to add a few touches for the shadowy parts of the waves.

I am using a hairdryer again in order to dry my paper fully.

Checking the paper if it’s dry or not.

I am picking the dark purple color andwill highlight the horizon a little more I remove an extra moisture on my brushbecause now I’m using a dry brush technique.

A little bit of rose around to the section where the Sun is and some touches for the waves as well will complete this part of the painting.

You can make adjustments to the sky area now, but I won’t worry about it that much.

If you like the textures that werecreated accidentally I think there is no problem by keeping the way that the painting came out.

I’m creating some of the highlights of the ocean by lifting off some of the color.

You can see that this paper is letting the color go so easily.

Here is some of the reflection of the Sun as well.

I keep my brush a little moist and always clean it off on the cloth to remove extra color.

There are two figures on the beach walking towards the sunset But since I’m not sure if I want to paint them or not I’m going to cut out two shapes out of dark paper and move them around the painting in order to decide if I have them or I don’t have them on this artwork.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Come back again.

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