Realistic Pencil Drawing Tutorial – Grid Method – Drawing Taylor Swift

Realistic Pencil Drawing Tutorial – Grid Method – Drawing Taylor Swift

hi everyone so today I have chosen touse the grid method for this portrait of Taylor Swift I hope it helps so now I'm just marking on the grid I'musing one-inch squares, make sure your grid is the same as your referencepicture I'm using a 2h pencil now just followingthe reference box by box, remember to press gently with the pencil so if youare to make a mistake it's easier to erase okay I'm just going to stick it on time lapse now and remember to keep checking yourreference picture while you're drawing to make sure you're on the right linesbecause it's easy to get carried away and I'm not saying this is how youshould use a grip or how you should draw but when I use the grip method this ishow I do it and it just works for me so now I'm starting to draw the jaw andget the shape of her face, I like to go over lightly and then come back later onand give it more shade and a lot of artists still use the gridmethod I think it's a good way to get your proportions right remember when you're focusing on thedark areas to build them up slowly so if you make a mistake it's easier to erase so with this drawing I'm using 2H pencila 2B pencil 4B pencil 5B pencil 6B pencil a 7B pencil and for the shading I'm using a tortillion, cotton buds, some tissue and a white gel pen for thehighlights with a kneaded eraser and the sharp edge of a eraser tojust for those highlights in the hair later on so with the neck and the eyes and the lipsI think I was using the side of the pencil led a 6b pencil not the actualpoints of it so I was just like getting the shading in then I was using akneaded eraser to erase some of the neck so i can blend in with the tortillion and with the eyes I'll go back over them just to make them a bit more a bit moredarker like on the reference picture and with the nose I use the side of the ledagain just to get a rough line rough image and then I'll blend it in with thetortillion just to give it a bit of shape instead of actually drawing itwith the pencil her hair was a bit difficult but I thinkhad done my best with what I had I was using the 7B pencil and I think it was the5b pencil to try and get those dark areas in, I was using the tortillion and a cotton bud erm to blend those dark areas to light areas for agood contrast so you can see now I've gone back to doing the outline forthe hands and the dress I thought I'd leave the hair for now because I spentso long on it I didn't want to mess it up so I can always go back to it lateron so with the hands again just keep looking at the reference to make sureyour drawing in the right boxes.

I was using a 2H pencil or 2B pencil to getthe outline then I would use the 6 and 4b pencil to give it the shading it needed and the darkness it needed in the reference picture and nowbefore I start shading the hands and the chest thought I'll erase all those linesso that I don't have to do it when I've done the shading.

obviously get them out the waybefore you start shading yeah so now after I have done the left side of the hair I'mjust moving on to the hands get the darker shades in and then use the tortillionto blend it together and give it a bit of detail on the knuckles and theback of the hand i was using a 7B and a 4B pencil to do thatstill not too happy with how the hair is looking so I'll go back over that in abit, now I'm just going over the other hand with a 2B pencil just get theoutline in so for the hands again im just pickingout the darker areas and with the ring that just drew it lightly and then wentaround one side with a darker shade just to get make it stand out a bit better I'd use a needed eraser to giveit abit of highlight and a tortillion to give it the darker shade blend it andmake it look a bit more realistic so moving onto the dress now I wasusing a 7B pencil just doing quite a few layers trying to make it as even as I could pressing the pencil gently using tissue, tortillion and cotton buds totry and blend it in make it look smooth and then for the chest and the neckagain I was using the tortillion and tissue to try and make it an even tone on the body and as you can see now I was justpicking out the highlights with the white gel pen and I needed eraser trying toget all the highlights in and use a darker pencil to give it a bit ofcontrast get all the darker shades in as well as the highlights.

and for theeyes and the forehead I was using a 5 and 6B pencil to get the darkness inand then use a tissue and tortillion to smooth the shading out, try and blendit in nicely.

give the eyes the darkness that they have on the referencepicture, and don't forget as you keep going erm keep checking that referencepicture zoom in if you can to get them fine little details they'llreally make the picture pop pop out if you get every little detail so like I said earlier I like to goover my drawing quite a bit to give it a lot of layers, make all the darker areas as dark as I can as long as they look good yeah and another tip when you wantto use a bit of shading but you don't want to draw on the picture just draw on aspare piece of paper use a cotton bud piece of tissue or totiilion, I don't knowif I'm pronouncing that right sorry if I'm not and just smooth it out with one ofthem as you can see in the video now it saves drawing on the picture and so you dont have to erase and end up with a white blob on your picture you can do it slowly by shading in that way and I wasn't too keen on the two curls on theleft side of the head so I thought they made my pick my drawing look a bit oddso I thought Ill take them out but now looking at it I think I might have should haveleft them in but that's it it's all learning and finding out different ways to dothings if your not happy with it take it out you can always add it back in Thanks for watching this video if you didenjoy it please like and share with your friends and if you want to see moretypes of Art videos done by me then hit that subscribe button I would really appreciate it, I'll try and upload videos at least once a week well that's it fortoday bye.

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