Styling and Makeup for Bikini Photoshoot | Fashion Photography Tutorial | Part 1 and 2

Styling and Makeup for Bikini Photoshoot | Fashion Photography Tutorial | Part 1 and 2

Hi, This is Ryan.

I am a photographer specialisedin Fashion and Nude.

This is the second video of the Fashion andNude Photography Tutorial Series.

We have done the first tutorial with this red bikini asstyling and we learned about ISO, its relevance and all.

So, we have model Sneha here.

I wore this Bikini and that colour is verynice.

That's great and I will try this one.

You can try this with this one.

So, as I was saying in first Tutorial.

These kind of Bikinis are like for example,it's a polka dot Bikini.

Either you can wear it without any accessoriesor any cover-ups or something like that.

But, in this tutorial as a change we willuse this along with the bikini and I think this also a Polka dot and that would be great.

We are doing Makeup for second tutorial.

You can see that she is wearing the polkadot bikini which we selected during the styling and she is wearing the cover-up also.

And, if you have seen the first tutorial,this is the consecutive.

We are shooting consecutively.

The makeup and everything remains same, sheis having the same red lipstick and we will do some touch up for eyes, maybe blush orsomething like that.

But, the main makeup remains same.

She is having the red lipstick and red nailpaint and pink eye shadow also remains same.

So, we are planning to do at least 3 tutorialstoday to give you an idea about ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed.

First tutorial was about ISO.

In this tutorial we will give you an ideaabout Aperture.

I think this is all you need to know aboutMakeup.

Now, we will see the lighting.

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