Regards to all! In today's video I'll show you some of my favorite spring combinations.

The first on my list is a pink and mint combination.

The combination looks sweet and easy to carry.

Especially because of mint starks and a wide mint shirt with long sleeves.

In such combinations I always start with that one piece of clothing that I especially like.

In this case it is this beautiful shawl from Zara.

The second place is a combination of pink and white.

I chose white trousers and beige sneakers with pink reflection.

(I'm not sure how much is seen in the video) These shoes are currently my favorite! So much so that I bought another pair of only black.

Also, I wear a light pink blouse and necklace from H & M.

In the third combination, I wear my favorite skirt I bought last year.

It's also from Zara.

I like the design of the skirt as well as the combination of pink, beige / gold, dark and black.

It looks perfect! Then I picked a beige blouse.

I got this from my mom, as well as many other clothes, of course! It's a prank and I love to wear it.

That would be it! In the description you can find where I bought clothes from this video.

Write me in comments that your combination liked most! And if you liked the video, do not forget to sign up for my channel! You can expect the next video next Friday.

See you and greeting!.

Source: Youtube

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